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    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    maths test today was not bad. (: i could do. yay me!

    got home at like 5 something and i had to start cooking the risotto. yes i cook, you heard me right. i mean read me right. :D

    chicken and mushroom risotto.

    it tasted wayyyy better than it looks. like way better!

    it was successful! ((((: yay! and julian ate so much means it was good. eh he is a fussy person tau, so if he eats it alot means it is good. :D

    after dinner, we left out to highpoint for their winter life sales. the whole shopping centre. opened till 10 pm.

    was there till 10 pm. ahaha!

    had a little of their complimentary champagne.

    bought this fairy for $13. niceeeee!

    i bought this dress for $15. and i got a red scarf from sportsgirl. :D

    now i am watching sanctuary while downloading all my series' season finale. one tree hill, gossip girl and 90210.

    aiyo the season is over. have to wait and wait for the next season. ):

    okla. ciao yo!

    much much love,

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