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  1. long long update!

    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    sorry sorry i haven't been updating for a few days. i felt as though i haven't done something every night and i do know it is my blog but i am so tired by the end of the day till i just wanna get into my bed and sleep. (((:

    so so, Thursday,

    my new back pack! ((((:

    i had uni as per normal and had presentation and left uni by 2.30 pm and came home. :D

    had dinner as pacific house at richmond! yum yum! really damn nice lo. if you don't convert the currency it is actually quite reasonable.

    mince chicken and salted fish tofu pot.

    stir fried garlic with kailan.

    jelly fish with shredded duck!!! (((((: yummmmmmy!

    roast duck with taro.

    dinner came to about $79. not bad eh?? but right, we had to pay $70 extra cause aunty doris got a parking fine. it was raining and we couldn't see that it was a permit zone. )):


    i had uni on friday till 3.30 pm.

    didnt't even had lunch and was doing my lab report which was also due on that day itself.

    after uni i went to the city for abit to get some stuff for my cousin and went window shopping for a little bit as well. ((((:

    me love love this mirror! i want one like this too. :D

    dinner that day was good. ((:

    lamb meatballs with ikea meatball sauce which i forgot to take picture of.

    garlic pizza bread.

    mushroom soup! yum yum!

    then then i was doing some bead work. (((: i got the hang of it already. (: i made my own bracelet. :D

    quite easy eh.


    went to south melbourne market in the morning to buy some beads and some charms and to eat paella!!

    simply spanish.

    best paella i've had by far. $12.50

    okla i have only had two different paellas la. (((:

    after south melbourne market we went to dfo at south wharf. i had such a horrible horrible terrible flu!

    met up with jia shen and cherly to pass them the movie tickets which i looked so grumpy and moody cause of the flu.

    but right after that, i went shopping, i got better!

    shopping halfway we had our tea,

    nougat and ice chocolate.

    we left when dfo closed. 6 pm. (: now, lets talk about the stuff i bought. :D

    two gloves. first white one for $8, and second red one for $5.

    and this outfit. top for $3 and skirt for $5.

    me love love what i bought. ((((: and a pair of knee high wool socks for $5. all from dotti! i like dotti! now with sales, it is cheap!

    i bought the charms from south melbourne market and combined them and got this,

    nice or not?

    i loveeeee it as well!


    we stayed at home. i slept till like 11 something. it has been toooooo long since i slept till so late!

    then walked down to red rooster for lunch with mum, aunty and cousin.

    whole chicken.

    salt and pepper squid. this is nice!

    i like red rooster lo. nice what....

    on our way back from red rooster, we went to convenient store and bought ice cream. hehe i haven't had a stick ice cream for sometime.

    brings back the old school memories that i buy ice cream from the ice cream man outside of school.

    came home and did somemore beads stuff.

    my pink leaves earring.

    and one snowflake.

    i made it all. :DDDD hehee! me likey likey!

    just had pasta for dinner and now we are watching Sanctuary. aunty and cousin sis is going back tonight already! ))): yorrrrr so fast!

    and omg, he looked hot! somehow that outfit made him look good. like really good!

    okla, i shall resume to bead work and show. nitey night!

    me love love the weather! oh oh and i put on almost 3 kilos!!! no no!! ):

    with love,

    music addiction : Hallelujah - Kate Voegele

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