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  1. i got hungry after lunch, thus the box of weet-bix and an empty cracker packet at the side. (:

    was at home the whole day. study a little bit and then my time was to movies and sleep. :D

    studying is boring especially i am studying about electronics. ))): how annoying could all those blardy components be? VERY!

    being the usual me, movies time! :D i watched Umizaru 1 and 2.

    Umizaru. "Sea Monkey". 8/10.

    i've watched this a very long time ago and i liked it. it is japanese but i like it. :D it is about the japanese coast guards. i also like shows like that. saving lives and all. although chick flicks are my main thing, i like shows like this too. :D

    Umizaru : Limit of Love. 8.5/10.

    i've just barely watched this one on a plane before. so yeaa. it is sad la. one thing about rescues shows like this, it is sad. ):

    after watching i slept for a bit.

    woke up and had spinach and cheese quiche. ((((: love it! this is from a bakery nearby. i think it is Gusto's on napier street?

    now i don't know what i am doing. but i am refusing to pick up my electronics book and study. ): i know that is bad.

    i just stuffed in more stuff into my bag for home to malaysia for that one month. i have a feeling i have to upgrade it to 25kg. i am trying to stuff as much into my hand carry but how much could it go in?

    okayy... this is way too soon to talk about packing. my exams haven't even started. )): aiyoyo exams ahhhhhhh!

    i shall go TRY and study. ):

    nite lo.

    sher xoxo.

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