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    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    my maths paper was awesome! could do almost everything. thanks to having done the past year papers and that the questions are the same! (((((: they are all almost similar anyways..

    aunty doris fetched me to uni this morning. and was there at 8am when exam starts at 9am.

    uni is like a dead town on a saturday gloomy morning.

    my exam was on the 7th floor and all the escalators wasn't operating. and knowing me, i am lazy to walk so i took the lift.

    for the first time in a whole year that i am studying here. (:

    was one of the earliest there. and just kept on reading and studying my solutions on what i have done on my past year papers.

    mana tau it was so close. hopefully i aced the paper!

    i was done with exams at about 12.15pm and aunty doris was still at the area. she went shopping around so i met up with her in order for me to tag along and go home together.

    but first went to jeanwest cause there is sales. 50% off already reduced price. i bought stuffs for like $3.50 and $5. good eh?

    i know la i going back malaysia already so shouldn't shop anymore over here but, even when you convert the currency, malaysia can't find so cheap stuff lo. mana ada branded punya RM11.50 or RM15 tops la you tell me...

    then went for lunch.

    lunch at samurai.

    i've heard quite abit about it so since got aunty doris teman me, why not go try it out! (:

    my green tea milkshake and miso soup.

    the milkshake was not very much to my liking. i only drank it half way. too too thick. well... not that i am a milkshake person also. heehe..

    our entrees. eggplant with miso sauce and my agedashi tofu.

    our mains. aunty doris' fish in teriyaki sauce with rice and my prawn tempura udon.

    personally, i find it very very normal. i mean the price is cheap la. but i am very picky when it comes to japanese food. and the food was too salty to my liking. eventhough i love savoury stuffs, this was abit over the limit of salty intake for me.

    i guess the one that was satisfying was only the fish in teriyaki sauce. the fish was very fresh. ((:

    all of that for $28. cheap laa i admit. for japanese in melbourne.

    after lunch we came home and aunty doris was like giving jul all the stuff she bought for him. he was like "stuff for me somemore? don't buy for me anymore. i've got too many that i haven't even wore yet."


    cleaned my room a little bit cause my notes were like everywhere. kept them all up cause i don't need them anymore. all i need is my programming now.

    then went to sleep cause i was so tired. i woke up at 4am okay. slept at 11pm. 5 hours is so not enough for me. i sleep alot one okay. :D

    after dinner i was watching Charlotte's Web. nice but sad la towards the end. i've watched it but not the whole movie. i've only watched bits of it.

    now i am don't know doing what also. lets see.. downloading batman begins and lost season 2 and castle season 2. i am stocking up series for me to watch in malaysia. ((:

    and looking for live streaming of the world cup which i already found.

    and blogging lo.

    hmmm... tonight i wanna realx a little. watch some movies, sleep late and wake up late tomorrow. and then prolly go to airport west to get some stuff. :D

    okla bye bye la..

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : We'll Be a Dream - We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato

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