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  1. random night out. (:

    Saturday, December 04, 2010

    it's 3am and i just got back from a random night trip with yao yun, loong and en lin. will get back to this later.

    first.. update about yesterday.

    went for movie with teck wei, cherly, steph and yao yun. and we watched rapunzel.. ((:

    its quite nice. (((: and i like this movie poster cause the lanterns were so pretty. i love lights la! plus it was like damn romantic la. :DD

    everything was pretty and cute and all that... but well typical you know fairytale sorta storyline la.. but still a girl can only wish that her life turns out to be like a fairytale because they always end with happily ever after.

    got home about 5 something and stayed home till about 10.45pm ferns came and fetch me then fetched steph and off we went to kk for yumcha. (:

    we were there secretly waiting for yao yun and en lin by the park then tailed them all the way to melur which is where we were suppose to go but it was too quiet. and was at the carpark there talking awhile where en lin had his slipper brush over yao yun's ears and how yao yun was indirectly saying ferns car very char... HAHA

    settled down at pappa rich. which we saw julie who gave us a very funny big hug. haha

    i had soya bean with glutinous rice ball.

    sorry yao yun! ((((: but how could i not post this up right?? :DDDD oh and steph which looks normal.

    just sat there and talk and eat and the usual yc sessions la. (: awesome la... this sorta thing is why i miss being home and miss my friends. in oz, we don't do this. which is sad...

    was there till about 1am i think? home about 1 ish la.

    today which i meant before 12am, tho now its already the next day.. hehe

    woke up at about 11am then went for lunch with teck wei, jia shen and cherly around 12 ish at taipan's nanking hawker. (:

    my curry mee.. sorry a.. picture abit the too blur. (:

    got home about 1 plus then i slept till about 4pm and went out to wait for mum finish work then fetch her home which on the way back, i was caught in the jam for like an hour plus. so not fun.. ):

    only about 7.30pm i reached usj4's ramly stall. somemore right... on the way there i kena point middle finger by some stupid indian guy when he was at fault. stupid idiot! uncivilised people!!

    had my daging special tambah cheese for dinner. :DDD yummmmmayy!!

    then suddenly en lin say he very bored and needed to go out. and yea we went out. about 10 something he came to fetch me and yao yun and loong were already in the car.

    our sudden random trip out. first stop, soho kl.

    which we were there for a while just walking around and then realising like super little people there. i mean its a friday night!!!! where is everybody?????!

    then we went to sri hartamas with the thought that souled out would prolly be crowded so we could be there and eat a little, drink a little and scout people. but.... also like empty one. my god...! don't know whats wrong man..

    so we went to bangsar and we settled down at this place call social cause it seems to be the only place where you can hear alot of people. so yea..

    but no eating a little cause kitchen already close. well... we were there about 12 plus la. and not much of scouting people. so we just drank a little. (:

    sorry for the blur picture cause i took a picture of a picture from yao yun's camera.

    then we left to lorong beside js cybercafe at ss15. i was excited to go cause tim told me that i must eat the maggi goreng with egg and drink the milo shake with banana there.

    the maggi goreng is yummmmmm!!

    and the milo shake and banana is yummmmmmm too!! ((: three of us shared this.

    and we had a plate of beef kai ma to share.

    en lin had his indomie, yao yun had maggi goreng too. loong ate nothing and drank nothing cause according to him, it's too late to eat already.

    sorry for the blur pictures again.

    sat there and talk and laugh and laugh even louder and for me, i was enjoying life. :D

    left about 2 plus and yes home about 3am.

    awesome night out la!

    i am so sleepy already now.. feels as though i am just gonna fall asleep right now. haha.

    i fell asleep without clicking publish post.

    love ya'll,

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