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    Thursday, December 23, 2010


    today went out at about 12 something. picked teck wei then went over to parade which i couldn't even get in to any of the carpark. so annoying! i go there just to go cobbler ni lor also so mafan. then went ss15 look for another cobbler but he say cannot do..

    gave up and left to kl. drove to pavilion. reached about 2pm. went to buy movie tickets then went hunting for socks then went walking over to low yat to get my external hard disk which i bought 1 TB for RM360. i desperately need it already. hehee (:

    got back to pavilion cause it looks like it was gonna rain then went for lunch. very late lunch. i think about 3 plus. settled down at wong kok char chan teng.

    my cheese baked rice and my iced fresh lemon tea. (((:

    at 4.40pm we watched tron.

    i kinda like it.. hehe =D

    first the ticket is like super cheap. RM8 ni.. plus the seats are like awesome! damn comfy lor..

    the storyline is not too bad lar. i like the graphics and everything looks super cool! i quite enjoyed the movie. plus sam flynn who is garrett hedlund looks kinda good le. his character in the movie also quite yeng. which is another plus (:

    after movie then we left already. driving back from kl during rush hour is crazy. but still i quite enjoyed driving today. tho i was like some crazy kl driver just to keep up with the other crazy drivers. traffic was mad...

    plus, i sorta drove teck wei to like this mini tour around kl since he was so lost and not knowing where were we. the twin tower at night is nice la...... (((:

    by the time drop him back also about 8.30pm already. i quite enjoyed today's day out. hehe.. i came home, and felt hungry so cooked my own dinner since no one was home.

    xo seafood sauce noodles. one of the 40 packets of noodles which we bought back from hong kong.

    just been home watching tv and onlining. should be going to bed soon already. night lor!

    with love,

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