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  1. mind effed up la.

    Thursday, December 09, 2010

    just got back from ramly with ferng lin. how could i ever not miss him when i am oz la.. tell me.. we were there from like 11 something pm till like 1 something am, just plain talking and me chewing on straws and him suddenly mumbling out formulas cause of his test tomorrow.. (:

    basically today all i did was sleep sleep and sleep la. turned down breakfast and lunch which i am sorry, but then woke up about 1 something feeling hungry and had nothing to eat plus no car to drive out with.

    in the end teck wei offered to pick me up and teman me lunch so we went to McD at ss15 drive thru. i just happen to make it on time for the lunch thingy :DD

    had spicy chicken mcdeluxe. (:

    i miss it lo. oz don't have lo... teck wei finished up my fries while dipping it into the oreos mcflurry. weird but tasted not bad. haha!

    won't be seeing him till i am back from hong kong next week. ): cause now he is on his way to queensland too. )):

    came home and slept somemore. shit man.. i feel like such a pig today.

    then had dinner with mum. and just stayed at home till ferns came by my house about 11pm.

    so yea.. that's pretty much about today. tomorrow i will be out to gardens to get my hair done. let's see whats the price damage gonna be and how it would turn out la. my hair is like shit now and is desperate for a change!

    everything is so shitty right now but thank god i have at least one or two people to rely on. seriously THANK GOD! ((:

    goodnight peeps!

    and and i want that shirt i am wearing. it's from topshop and i regret not buying it already. now its gone. noooooou! ))):

    lots of love,

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