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    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    just came home about 12 ish am..

    morning cousin's phone call woke me up about 10am just for breakfast. i slept at 3am the night before lor... =/

    went all the way down to jalan imbi for breakkie.

    tangkak beef noodles. RM7.90 a bowl

    nice! but i am still a loyal customer to the pudu one. to me, nothing will top that already! (: well at least none that i've encountered.

    then went to damansara millennium to fetch mum. then back to kl then to taipan then to subang parade area then back to taipan only back to home.. wah sien. but at least i was inside a Toyota Alphard la. super comfy man inside!

    cause it'll be cousin's wedding car this weekend. so yea...

    finally i got home about 2 ish 3 pm and i slept till about 5pm. then left out to kl about 6pm like that for dinner.

    dinner was at Hakka Restaurant. yummmm!

    this is just half of the dishes we ordered. i was too busy eating till i forgot to take pictures of the rest.

    after dinner went for yumcha with mum, cousin and marvin! who came visiting here for just a couple of days.

    knew him from back in melbourne. i think i've mentioned here before. he is the guy who works in aldo south wharf. wait.. use to work there.

    good catching up tho. went to pick him up then went pappa rich awhile then dropped him off about 11 plus.

    got to pass by klcc too on the way home. i love the night lights la. think i've said this so many times lor. one of the reason i am missing hong kong so much right now... ):

    taken through the alphard's sun roof.

    i should prolly head to bed soon already. been sneezing non stop. =/ good night lor..

    sher xoxo.

    i want to tell but yet at the same time i don't want to.
    and help...?

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