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  1. i wonder if something happened to you tonight?

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    woke up about 11 plus this morning then close to 1pm i went out for lunch with teck wei. lunch was in taipan's kfc. i haven't had kfc in a long time already. so yeaa...

    my snack plate (:

    after fetching teck wei home, i went to fetch cousin from home then went down to old klang road just to drop him off at honda to collect his bro's car then i drove off by myself to pyramid to walk around by myself.

    did a little shopping in pyramid. =DD mng got sales mar... =P

    bought a pair of pants which i didn't take any picture of. i wanna buy lor the other pants in the picture one. maybe tomorrow la?

    after that cousin came looking for me in pyramid. the civic was parked in pyramid and we left in my altis to fetch mum from office. after fetching mum, we went to midvalley for dinner and walk around cause mum is in need of buying a pair of heels for the wedding this weekend.

    had dinner at Secret Recipe.

    prawn macaroni with cheese ((: niceee.. but as years goes by, the number of prawns is decreased by half lor.

    after dinner just went walking around ni lor. i wanna buy heels la. like not enough of heels like that one lor me. i guess it is never enough. charles and keith have nice heels but expensive. )): plus i don't wear them very often. just that everything looks so nice makes me feel like owning them.. =/

    got home also about 10 something already. did alot of driving today. haha.. tomorrow too since i will be going down to kl with teck wei cause needa go low yat get my external hard disk and maybe catch a movie too.

    ramly plan tonight got cancelled, so i guess i'll just stay home watching The Town and then return the discs to jack. hehe

    oklor.. good night lor. i go watch show first. ciao!

    lots of love,

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