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  1. expected but yet happened unexpectedly.

    Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    just got back about 12 ish from watching the social network with teck wei in pyramid. (:

    it was good.

    JT's character sean parker was like super annoying in the show la but still... JT is cute. (: and and andrew garfield who is eduardo saverin in the movie is cute too. :D and i feel sad for him...

    i had a good laugh at some parts.

    plus tonight i was given something that i was promised to have. now i shall demand for a longer and much more proper one. :D but we shall see.. and i enjoyed my movie company tonight. (:

    this morning i was up early to catch narnia with cousin sis.

    well... i prefer the first and second one much more than this one.

    and i paid RM21 for the ticket okay... expensive giler la 3D plus there is only 3D... and i don't like watching 3D cause i don't like watching through those glasses. damn uncomfortable lo..

    ben barnes who is prince caspian looked quite good. (: hahaha!

    movie finished about 12 something then fetched cousin home and went to meet up with teck wei, khai shien and wei ping at sarpino's pizza at usj 1 for lunch.

    lunch come back also about 3pm already. and i slept right till 7pm.. haha and out for movie close to 9pm.

    there goes my day..

    tomorrow will be out with the s9s in the morning.

    i should go get some sleep too. khai shien coming to fetch me about 9 something in the morning tomorrow. oh no... earlyyyyyyy....!

    nitey night!


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