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  1. little rosie.

    Wednesday, December 08, 2010

    was out with s9s almost whole day lo.

    9 something in the morning khai shien came and fetch me then went over to teck wei's house which wei ping is already waiting there in her car. so i hopped onto her car and teck wei went with khai shien.

    got to esso near the old jusco in klang and met up with michelle and ken. and brandon was late!

    then off 5 cars went to some shop called angsa emas? for bak kut teh. then vincent and ernest came to join.

    total 9 of us. but only 8 ate la. cause i couldn't eat.

    after bak kut teh, wei ping left for home then 3 cars left to cendol klang and rojak which was just 8 of us.

    i kinda like their rojak. (:

    this is because everyone was so concern over me not having anything to eat earlier and kept asking me to eat this and that.

    then we got lost in klang. we as in khai shien, teck wei, me and ernest. cause khai shien was driving and ernest who is a klang person don't even know how to get us to where we were suppose to go.

    got to the eng ann food court?

    for chee cheong fun and popiah and lo hon guo. (:

    which rohit joined us too. then went to old jusco for movie. all 9 of us.

    watched due date.

    funnyyyyy! plus its like super random la. and robert downey jr is hot. ((: had a really really good laugh at one part. HAHA

    done with movie also about 5 already. then we separated and left for home. khai shien fetched both me and teck wei home. (:

    came home slept awhile then went out dinner at zanmai.

    i tell you right, now we are like vvips of zanmai man. we don't have to line up and just walk in the shop already even if there is like a super long queue outside. awesome!

    and staying at home the whole night.

    kinda not in a mood to go anywhere.


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