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  1. still not brave enough.

    Sunday, December 19, 2010

    my dinner last night. daging special tambah cheese tambah black pepper tambah mayo. =DDD
    awesome! eventho it may not look very appetising. hehe


    my internet connection had been very bad until that i got so fed up, i just don't go online. as i am back, texting would seem more reliable than sending chats over msn.

    anyways i am so lazy to blog about Hong Kong because i have tonnnnneeeesss of pictures and alot to write about. see la when i am free during the week to get everything done.

    so far been back, i've only seen teck wei. will meet up with the rest tonight to catch up and also dickson is back! so yeaaa.. i haven't seen him in almost one and a half years already lor.

    lets hope i won't get lazy and start blogging soon lar kay. cause this weekend i won't be around too. cousin's wedding so i'll be up in pahang the whole entire weekend.

    and later would be going out to pavilion with en lin. seee la.. maybe tonight after yumcha lar i'll do the pictures resizing. (:

    lots of love,

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