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    Friday, December 10, 2010

    starting to really like my jay jays $10 skirt. (((:

    just finished watching the new episode of 90210. like finally ((: nowadays it takes me three days to get to watch the new episodes of anything. stupid connection here... damn slow lo.. )):

    yesterday after i came home i was too tired to blog already. only cause the night before i slept for like 4 hours plus only then woke up about 6 something and followed cousin to fetch mum to work and i was practically in kl the whole day la.

    breakkie near mum's office. then petaling street for cousin's breakfast then jalan ampang then back to mum's office then university malaya then mum's office then bangsar village.

    went for lunch at chatterbox again in bangsar village.

    their food is really nice le. plus reasonable price. (:

    after lunch back to jalan ampang then persiaran hempsire then gardens by 2 something.

    did my hair at Andy Ho's salon in gardens.

    just sat there till like 6pm only i was done lo. then mum came to pay for me. dinner was at little penang cafe.

    asam laksa.

    penang har mee.

    lobak. i still love this very much. :D

    little penang in midvalley used to be like super awesome.... now? standard dropped like no one's business lo. disappointed.. ):

    then we left and went to collect burger at usj 4. i regret not ordering.. )):

    came home watch tv awhile then i slept already. practically slept for 12 hours plus. from 10.30pm till 11am. hehehe! (:

    now i am gonna go watch gossip girl's new episode and definitely my ONE TREE HILL! hugeeeeeee oth fan lo me! ((((:


    new hairdo.

    i think about 5 or 6 inches of hair gone. snipped away... ): but at least my hair looks healthier la. my split ends were horrible man before this. so now is all good. :D

    much love,

    music addiction : Mmm - Laura Izibor

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