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    Thursday, December 02, 2010

    woke up at 10.45am this morning then went to pick cherly and jia shen for breakkie at maju maju.

    finally had my maggi goreng. (((:

    plus, maju maju's maggi goreng is like the nicest one around here already.

    then got home lazed around watch my new episode of 90210 then about 3 plus yao yun came to fetch me out to pyramid along with en lin in the car. after that went to pick steph up.

    yao yun nearly killed us on the flyover! HAHAHAH! okay.... maybe not so funny at that time. :D

    went zanmai for like super late lunch.

    only had sushi but not all mine la. just two of it.

    after that just went walking around. shopping... which i saw this denim shirt from topshop that i feel like buying.. but RM83 le... somebody buy for me? ehehee.. :D

    then bought tickets for unstoppable.

    not bad la the movie. but just all action la.

    quite chi gik one lo. i can even scream cause if they were gonna collide it'll be like so sad and scary. ahaha!

    movie finished about 8 plus then took soooooo long to decide where to have dinner. ended up settling down at ichiban ramen.

    my spicy chicken ramen.

    and my companies today. ((((:

    got home close to 11pm. came in the house and sat down awhile suddenly cherly, jia shen and ferng lin appeared infront of my house. cause before that cherly texted me ask me yumcha but i was like nola just got home and was out since noon.

    but yea since they came in talk to mum and all and ask my mum whether i can go out or not for me. so yea just went out to old town for like less than an hour just for some catching up with ferns.

    just got home only.

    now i am sleepy but i wanna watch that newly downloaded episode of gossip girl then only decide whether wanna sleep or watch another series la.

    kk... nites!

    much love,

    i like the word. i like the sound of it (:
    but worrying about the effect that comes after it. =/

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