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  1. Greetings from hong kong!

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010


    First night here in hong kong....! Awesome! I miss hong kong very much okay.. The last time I was here was 4 years ago and I barely went the places I wanted to go. Hopefully this time I could get to those places I see on tv....tho I am only spending like 4 days here not including today cause by the time I got over here from Macau was already 7pm.

    No no.. Only 3 days to be exact cause the fourth day is just in the airport as my flight is at 2 something in the afternoon. ):

    Macau was great! Eventho it was just a day and I bought nothing, it is still a nice place to walk around. The heritage buildings and all that looks amazing. But well everywhere you go, all you see is just casino.. Like seriously every single corner. I went to one last night too. And it looks super nice inside. Even with all the smoking areas, the place still smells damn nice. Inside is like so grand la. Makes genting's casino look like so crappy.. Haha

    Mum bought a Burberry bag today which looks super nice and it's like below RM700.. (: mum buy means I get to use also =P hahaha! I smart le.. basically only mum bought something today.

    Will blog detailly about my trip when I get back on Friday la.

    This is just to state how much fun I am having (((: plus I've been eating like super a lot!!! The food here is like awesomeeeeeee la! Ate I think 5 meals today. There are meals not snacks or munching okay... But worth putting on weight over everything I had today. Hmm... Except mcd la maybe.

    Anyways I better get going. Should go and sleep already. Tomorrow I am conquering city gate outlet mall at tung chung! Apparently things there are like alot cheaper cause they are factory outlets. Just like DFO in australia la i guess.. Shooooooooppppiingggg here I come! Let's see what I buy. (((: can't wait for ocean park and walking around the city and going up the peak the next few days.

    And I can't wait for the cold weather. Yesterday and today had been quite warm... I miss the cold weather! (: hehe

    Goodnight peeps!

    Sher xoxo.

    I am not use to not texting at all.. ):
    But at least yesterday when I was flying to Macau, I managed to see stars.
    Only you'll know what that means.. ((:

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