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    Monday, December 20, 2010

    my dinner tonight. Roti Hawaii and Mango Special from murni. (:

    just came back from yumcha session about 45 minutes ago. i sorta organised it cause dickson is back for like two weeks and i haven't seen him in a long time. so yea.

    those who went was me, yao yun, en lin, ferns, dicky, cherly, jia shen and jack. all we did was just sit at murni usj 9 there and talk and just catch up lar. since i've been back i haven't even seen jack. so yea... nice catching up. tho it wasn't like a proper one la. hehe

    as i said today just went pavilion with en lin for like two hours only. just went looking for his stuff the ciao came back home already. got home, i was tired but refuse to go and sleep, i asked teck wei to go out for snowflakes with me. =DD

    been bugging him for like a few days already. i drove out and then it rained so we were at snowflakes till the rain sorta stopped a little.

    and something embarassing happened in the car lor. damn pai seh la.. something about the wiper. hehe ((:

    got home i finally slept for like 2 hours cause was having bad migrain then 9 something out for yumcha till just now.

    now watching Wall Street the dvd with mum which i borrowed from jack. hehe ((:

    i am getting super lazy to blog about hong kong lar. i needa go buy a new external hard disk first before i can resize all the pictures. will TRY to get it scheduled by friday since i won't be home till monday. shall see how la.

    good night peeps!

    with love,

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