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  1. fooooods!

    Monday, December 06, 2010

    i am always a day late with my posts. hehe ((:

    yesterday i ended up waking at about 12 ish i think.. and had my favourite chicken rice.

    from taipan's sin kong hawker. have been eating this uncle's chicken rice since i was in primary school. ((:

    then just lazed around the house till about 7pm i left out to bangsar village with mum and cousins and aunty cause aunty needed to get some clothes for my cousin's wedding in december.

    just went walking around after that. well basically, bangsar village, despite 1 or 2, nothing to shop one lo... everything is like so expensive and posh and all that.. makes me not wanna buy or even look at anything.

    but but i bought 3 girl boxer shorts for RM39. hehe at this shop called peacock and its from london apparently. things there are not too bad eh? seems quite alright la the prices.

    about 9pm we walked into chatterbox with the intention for dessert or prolly like a light snacks to munch on. but...

    we ordered like super banyak la. and i already had dinner before i came out one lo. and we makan-ed somemore le...

    beef noodles. *giong chung ngau hor* yummmmeh!

    XO sauce seafood fried rice. YUMMMM!

    claypot brinjal with mince chicken. *yu hiong ke chi pou?* loveeee it!

    chicken ribs with thai sauce. *thai sik kai pa*

    still had like cheese baked seafood rice which i forgot to take picture off.. and desserts..

    *kuai fa kou*

    my pumpkin paste don't know what. there sago, pumpkin and grass jelly in it. (:

    everything was so yummy. definitely will be back to eat again!

    got home also close to 10.30pm already. and i don't know what i was doing and stayed up till like 3am only slept. well... i started watching gilmore girls la. first two episodes only.

    woke up at 11 something today. cause there is this celebration at my place la. cousin's birthday. then went down to kl fetch an aunty then fetch cousin after his exam and only got home at about 2pm cause it was like super jam!!

    there were having some water don't know what protest so most roads are like closed and there were FRU everywhere. stupid one laaaaa...

    had our mini celebration la. some relatives and some of cousin's friends.

    strawberry tart from RT pastry house. not bad la but me love their bread more! (:

    curry chicken, mix vegetables with lotus stem, mutton curry from wong soon kee, mee hoon underneath.

    there was also fried chicken and cousin tapao-ed muk chuk for me. ((:

    this is just portion of the food. aunty cooked everything okay mind you. and prolly doesn't look very appetising here but trust me, i miss all this food so much when i am in australia okay!

    today i am a very good girl, i stayed at home the whole day. basically my weekends la i was home. :DD

    tomorrow will be out for narnia with cousin sis and then lunch with teck wei, khai shien and wei ping then at night going for social network (((:

    i think i deserve a proper day out tomorrow after having quite miserable feeling sorta weekend.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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