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    Wednesday, May 08, 2013


    HEHE as usual, I don't stick to what I say on when I'll blog :P

    Anyhoos, this is suppose to be the routined weekly post. I'll pick up from where I left (: About a week and a half ago. Mostly about the weekends cause weekdays I do nothing but go to uni or hibernate at home with work or series. Fridays is the weekends HEHE :DD

    Friday 26th of April,

    I don't have classes on fridays and the boyfriend needed to settle some stuff with the immigration department. So, I met him in the city for lunch first before we headed to the immi department.

    Lunch was @ Menya. The boy doesn't like menya but I was craving for good ox tongue and the best and reasonable priced Gyu Tan Don in Melbourne is from Menya. Soo... He has no say cause "I wanted it" and thank god he loved the gyu tan don! He has a thing for ox tongue just like I do cause it was me who trained him into liking it :P

    The both of us ordered their Gyu Tan Don. OMGGGGG SO GOOD! Cravings totally fixed!! It was superbly good!

    And also a Takoyaki to share :)

    Then went over to the immi department and sat there for almost an hour and a half to wait for his turn. So slow lo...

    Was completely moodless from all the waiting soooo we went to Chaddy after that cause I wanted to check if the dress I have been eyeing on is still there. But sadly, no. ))): It wasn't cheap but I really loved it and because it was quite expensive, I didn't get it the first and the second time I saw it. And now it goneeeeee )):

    After that, we went back to his place,

    and I cooked mee hoon for dinner.

    Saturday 27th of April,

    Sleeping, watching series and eat. Dominos pizza for dinner! The usual on Saturdays because there is a cheap deal that runs on saturdays.

    Sunday 28th of April,

    I went down to the city alone to meet up with Wei Ping. She was gonna head back to Malaysia for good on the following Tuesday which was in two days, at that time. So of course I HAD to meet up with her for the last time lah right..!

    We went for lunch @ Oriental Spoon. Korean has always been her go to cuisine haha!

    Kimchi Pancake.

    Sam Gae Tang(ginseng chicken soup).


    Those three dishes filled us up completely man! Didn't expect it to be so huge! But it tasted okay only lah.. Nothing very spectacular. I reckon Oriental Spoon is only good for their sweet chilli chicken. And lunch was expensive man. Cost us $25 each!

    After lunch all we did was just walk around the city for some shopping. She has quite a couple of things to buy first before she heads home. I bought nothing. My duty for the day is just to teman her to get her stuffs (:

    About 4 something I parted ways with her. Cause I made plans to meet up with Cherly and we were done with the shopping already anyways. So yeah...

    My beloved Wei Ping! I am still sad that she isn't in Melbourne anymore already... ):

    I then hopped onto the train and bus to Chaddy and had tea break with Cherly at Papparich. A short catch up cause I haven't seen her in like ages and also tapaoed dinner from Papparich for me and the bf. Then for the first time ever, Cherly drove me back to her place HAHA! Finally gotten around to visiting her new place and then she fetched me back to the boyfriend's.

    Friday 3rd of May,

    I made plans to meet up with Celine for lunch. The last time I met up with her properly was before I went back for the holidays last year leh! It's been too long..

    Lunch was @ Earl Canteen.

    My harissa lamb ciabatta.

    And her lime poached chicken ciabatta.

    After earl canteen, we moved onto Cacao Green for dessert.

    My mango and original froyo with cheesecake bits! OMG SO GOOD! I haven't had it in such a long long time!!

    Basically it was just a catching up session day. On whatever that happened between those 5 months and whatever that is happening. haha!

    The weather looked pretty bad so around 3 something we both left for home. I was back to the bf's by 5 pm.

    My outfit of the day.
    Top: Valleygirl
    Jeggings: Uniqlo
    Heels: Windsorsmith
    Accessories: Lovisa

    And the makeup of the day. Super love how my winged liner looks! And I looked so pinky that day. HEHE first time using all the cosmetics I bought two weeks ago. Love em'!

    The boyfriend cooked tom yum fried rice for me :DDD

    Sunday 5th of May,

    Went out for Iron Man 3 movie date with the boyfriend at Glen Waverley around two something. Been wanting to watch it since a week ago!

    I enjoyed it! :) Robert Downey Jr is soo SO SEXY! He ages well man... Iron Man has always been my favourite amongst the Marvel heroes.

    And then had early dinner @ Grand Tofu.

    I ordered the Yong Tau Fu curry noodles! Been ages since I had yong tau fu and this was the best you can get around here already. It was pretty good lah but the curry soup could be improved.

    Spent the night with runningman and cuddles :))) Have to cause.. I am not going to be getting any of it soon already.


    No classes for the day cause my lab only runs every two week once. So yeah I was home and was watching White Collar the whole time. I just picked it up cause I found out Hilarie Burton was acting in it and I have been missing her so much since One Tree Hill cause I loveeeee her! And turns out, the show is pretty good leh! And Matt Bomer is quite hot XD

    She doesn't appear till about mid of season 2 but that is also on and off. I think later on she will be a regular cast in the show.

    My snack while watching. Pine nuts :)

    And on a random note,

    I LOVE my Kate Spade case!!! "Understated is Overrated." Goes very well with my rose pink blinged heart pluggy :DDD

    And also me in a deep berry red plum/wine lippy. What do you think? It's the Rimmel long lasting by Kate, #107.


    It is mum's birthday!!!

    I love you so much mummy! How I wish I was home to celebrate with you and to give you a BIG HUG! May you be in good health always and be blessed with an abundance of happiness! ♥♥♥

    Went to uni for an Italian class and the weather is good for airy skater skirt!

    Outfit of the day.
    Bodysuit: Forever New
    Skirt: Valleygirl
    Jacket: Frat Hous
    Boots: from Taiwan's Shilin Market

    Came home after classes and slept like a log cause I was zombified from the lack of sleep this morning. Then dinnered. And then watched two episodes of white collar before I started on this post.

    Now, I am going to move on with The Voice before I sleep.

    And tomorrow, I'll be off to the boyfriend's. Cause... He is going back to Malaysia this Sunday for 6 weeks )): I don't want him to go back leh.... Especially me being here alone and it'll be exam period soon ): But oh wells, no choice. At least, I'll be spending a week in Malaysia with him first before he comes back to Melbourne for his Masters.

    Yes, I bought my ticket home already! And I am going back for about 6 and a half weeks. Wheeee!

    Ending this post with these pictures of myself. I super love the makeup I did the other day which explains to selfshotSS.. Love my long hair too! :P HEHEHE! At least you guys won't forget how I look! XP I was so PINK!! The not bad Fuchsia Shocking Pink :)

    That's it for now!

    Ciao peeps!

    Much love,
    sher xoxo.

    Menya Ramen on UrbanspoonOriental Spoon on UrbanspoonEARL Canteen on UrbanspoonThe Grand Tofu on Urbanspoon

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