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    Monday, May 13, 2013


    The weekend update. To me, the only significant thing happened is that the boyfriend went back to Malaysia ): Not having him around for 5 weeks is not something I am looking forward to. I have been so attached to him since like ever and am so used to seeing him for at least 3 days a week, and now not able to have him around me for that long is not very fun.... Especially during the down times of exams, he isn't here to hold me and to tell me that things will be fine..))):

    I am already missing you so much Bii!

    See you in Malaysia in 5 weeks...! Thank god I'll still be able to spend a couple of days with him in Malaysia first before he heads back here to Melbourne. Spending time in Malaysia with him is always nice because that's when I feel we really go out on really nice dates because I will be chauffeur driven by him(or at least sitting very comfortably in a car don't matter who is driving) instead of us commuting in buses and trains. HEHE :P And because of that, I can't wait to go back!

    I'll be heading back to Malaysia at the end of June for almost 6 and a half weeks leh!! Going home to the awesome family and the food and also going back to the boyfriend's arms for a week! And then we will do this "LDR" thing for another 5 weeks plus again.. hrrrrr...

    Anyhoos, back to the things I did over the weekend.


    Had classes and decided to walk down to the train station instead of taking the bus because the weather seemed lovely. It was a tad bit on the hotter side of autumn weather but it was still a nice walk (:

    Some shots along the way. From the pedestrian bridge over Pascoe Vale Road.

    Someone had "4ever Love" written in the sky. I only managed to shoot the earlier part of it. Because later on when it was complete, I was too far away from it to get a good shot.

    Commuted to uni for a two hour lab and then I went to the boyfriend's. Did the usual,

    Cooked dinner. Curry chicken and stir fried veggies.

    And then runningman and movies and stuffs.


    Went down to the city for brunch with the boyfie ((: And I also asked Celine to join us. She is free on Fridays and the bf hasn't seen her in ages so it was time for a catching up for the both of them. HAHA!

    We went to Proud Mary.

    Ordered a Soy Chai Latte with Honey for myself.

    And a House Smoked Salmon that has potato hash with chilli and mint, avocados, a poached egg and horseradish hollandaise sauce. It was quite yum! (:

    The boyfie ordered their Potato Hash with bacon, spinach and a poached egg.

    Celine ordered the Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich.

    Overall, the food was pretty good! :D

    After brunch we went for a short short makeup window shopping and then we parted ways with celine. Then, the both of us went to Vic Market to get some stuff for the bf's mum. After that, we headed back to clayton.

    Outfit of the day.
    Peplum top: Dotti
    Studded skirt: Forever New
    Necklace: Lovisa

    Cooked some pasta for dinner and then the both of us went on a Fast and Furious marathon. But we only managed to get to the second one only.. ):


    Helped the boyfie to pack his things and also helped out with clearing up his room and stuff and also double cross checking on the important stuff that he needs. Then eating up all the remaining leftover food in the fridge which totally filled the both of us up. As usual, eating means eating while we watch runningman or something. hehehe we are one of those cute couple ((: YES, I do think we do some cute and silly things almost all the time HEHE :D

    Then about 4pm or so, we left back to my place. Because aunty D was going to fetch the bf to the airport the next morning, so he came over to my place for the night.

    Aunty D took the two of us out to dinner @ Hyakumi on Keilor Road.

    It is quite an authentic little place that we just randomly stumbled on.

    And order some Japanese green tea with roasted rice to start off.

    Me and the boyfriend shared their House Special. It was $48. And we didn't expect it to look like this at all! Kudos to the presentation! So cool right! The boat was hugee!

    Basically it is assorted sushis and sashimis. There is even two fresh oysters. But.. I hate fresh oysters sooo the bf was the one that forcefully swallowed them. It was his first time trying but he hates it too. HAHA!

    Awesome fresh sashimis!

    My first ever fancy sushi/sashimi eating in Melbourne! And I loved it! Japanese food is my ultimately most favourite food! Even the boyfriend loved it!! I am still very proud that I managed to influence him to eat so much raw japanese food. He used to hate them and now he craves for them! HEHE so happy! :DDD

    Dinner was really nice. Loved it! And not too expensive lo.. Aunty D enjoyed her seafood bento as well. It was an average of $25 per person for the meal that night. Thank you for dinner aunty D! :)

    After dinner we got home and just lazed around a little bit. Spent sometime just talking about nothing in particular with the boyfie and also made sure his luggage wasn't overweight. And then he totally crashed in bed before 11pm. I was still up with blogs hopping and an episode of White Collar.


    We were up early at 5am. His flight was at 930am soo we had to do the web check-in and also some last minute add ins or whatever. But ended up we lazed on bed totally not wanting to wake up. And lazed till about 630am only we got out of bed. Haha!

    The pretty colours of the sunrise.

    About 730am, we left out to the airport. And there it was. My last hug and kiss with the boyfriend for the next 5 weeks ))):

    After that, we went home to change cause me and aunty D suddenly decided to go out for breakfast. And when I opened my room door, it felt empty. I could still picture the boyfriend sitting on my bed using my laptop and looking up at me when I open the room door(it was the memory of the night before). I would usually call out "bii, bao bao" and he will open up his arms for me to hug him or he would just stand up and hug me.. me misses him.. =/

    Back to the breakfast plan.., me and aunty D went out to random cafe, PellaGreco on Puckle street @ Moonee Ponds.

    My big breakkie and a cup of hot chocolate.

    Breakkie was just normal. Nothing spectacular. It was just to fill up the tummy. But for the price, it was pretty decent (:

    After breakfast, I went shopping with aunty D @ DFO Essendon. And all I bought were two ralph lauren polos for qihong. After DFO, we went to Highpoint.

    And I bought mum's mothers day and birthday gift!

    Specially chose the mother and daughter charm to represent us two and added the rounded blossom charm to make it look prettier and not so plain. SO GLAD MUM LOVES IT!!! (((: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MUMMY DEAREST! My mum is my heroine, the strongest woman I have ever known and the ever most loving and caring. I love her too much!

    Basically the whole of yesterday, I just went shopping with aunty D till 5pm ish. And then came back home for dinner cause Julian was going to cook a Mothers Day meal for aunty D. 

    I have been missing out on spending mum's birthday and mothers day with her for 3 years already. I hope I still made her feel as loved as ever :)


    This morning before I left for classes, some stuffs came in the mail!

    Whee my new Meet Matte eye shadow palette from The Balm. Matte eyeshadows are love! And also the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain stick in the colour Sweetheart/Valentine(the same colour as the pink picture I had in the last post. I had them on my lips!) I love this balm stain stick!! The last SO LONG!! And they have a range of gorgeous colours! I love it so much until I bought another orange one :P

    Then I went to classes happily :) And only for a two hour Italian lecture. And came home straight after that. The weather today was sunny and then gloomy and then it rained and hailed and then it became cold. Melbourne's crazy temperamental weather eh?

    Now, I gotta go read up on a project I gotta start doing tomorrow. And then maybe squeeze in some series? The start of white collar season 3 maybe? HEHE

    That's all for now!

    Much love,

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