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  1. Bendigo Day Trip.

    Sunday, May 05, 2013

    Hey y'all!

    I have been saying and saying that I'll blog about the Bendigo trip soon but never gotten around to doing it. It happened 3 weeks ago already! Sorry peeps! The past week was because I had a test on Thursday and just simply didn't have the time to sit down and write down a post. HEHE procrastination at it's best!

    Sooo.... the day trip with Wei Ping that happened 3 weeks ago, on the 12th of April (:

    It was almost a two hour drive and I was just the passenger cause ping did all the driving. I have never driven in Australia and wasn't planning on to cause they have some weird ass rules on the road and the car was rented. It is best if I don't have my first driving experience here on a rented car because IF anything happens, it would cost a whole bomb to pay back plus ping didn't buy the insurance. And she is a very experienced driver here already lo.... She has driven like everywhere for road trips. So I didn't have to worry!

    Picture of us before we started our journey (:

    She came to pick me up from my place and then we went for brekkie at maccas and then started the journey at about 10 ish? And reached at slightly before 12pm. First stop was to the tourist information centre to gather up information on where to go and how much and also to get a map.

    The Bendigo visitor centre.

    First picture of us in Bendigo.

    Out rented car. Kia something...

    Then off we went to the gold mine. My last experience with a gold mine was Ballarat when I was like eight? Plus this is a different kind of experience because we will be going underground to see how they used to do it and stuff so I was quite excited!

    Signed ourselves up for the 1230pm tour and it takes about 75 minutes or so to complete the tour. Drove to the mine which was just a five minutes drive away from the visitor centre.

    The deepest underground mine tour!

     The signal codes for the lifts. And that is what the lift to the underground mine levels look like.
    The lookout tower in the mine area.

    Took a lift down to level 2 which was 61 metres underground. And then we had to gear up with hats and a light and a battery tied to your waist.

    Which made us look like this :D The thick orange belt is actually the battery pack which was hanging at the back. Quite heavy one lo..

    The mine underground. It was cold and seriously pitch black if we don't have the lights on. Our tour guide got us all to off our lights for us to see how dark it was and it was DARKKKK! 

     Us with some drilling thingy.

    Overall the mine tour was educating (: Knowing how the life is underground of those mine workers and how things work and stuff. Pretty interesting. At least now I could say I've been underground in a gold mine haha!

    Us acting as tho we are panning for gold after the tour. It is open to anyone who wants to pan but we couldn't be bothered. Both of us have done it before in Ballarat already.

    The mine is also the starting point of the old tram tour around the Bendigo town hence the old tram out on display for picture taking. We didn't want to pay $14 for the tour because it is the same as the FREE city circle tram we have in the Melbourne CBD just that the only difference was this one, the tram drivers are in the old traditional outfits.


    By the time we were done with the mine area and taking pictures with the old tram outside, it was already like 2 plus and our tummies were growling already. So... it was time to hunt for food!

    But you see... Bendigo is a really small town and most of the shops closes at 4pm and by the time we went hunting for food it was already like close to 3pm soo.... the good cafes and all for brunch already had their kitchen closed and all there is to eat are the premade sandwiches and coffees. Ping wanted some hearty meal so in the end we settled with Noodle Box.

    My first time eating out of this little boxes. Exactly like those chinese takeouts from US series :)

    After eating we went to the Golden Dragon Museum. Although there were quite a few places to go and look around, but it was getting late and most of them closes at 5pm or latest 6pm and the days now are slowly getting shorter which means the sunset that day was at about 6 something 7pm. Once it gets dark, there isn't anything to do already lo...

    Really don't like how fast it gets dark nowadays. Now, the sun sets before 6pm. SO ANNOYING!! At 6pm all you get is super dark sky as tho it is already 9pm. HATE IT!! Feels like your day has just been shorten for no reason...

    Anyways.. back the Golden Dragon Museum and it's Chinese Garden, it is just purely for pict


    Everything was just so colourful! Autumn and its colourful paintings!

    ♥ edited. it changes the colours to orange and blue only. Facebook profile picture!

    Me photobombing her selfie.

    And then she photobombs mine. So cute!

    Ping <3

    Inside the musuem is all about some funny chinese history. They have the golden dragon dance thingy on Easter. What is that?! Why on easter???!

    Outside the museum that has this flower thingy.

    There was a nice view of a pretty garden while we were walking to get our car. It looks as tho it will be the perfect place for a wedding lo!

    Earlier, on the way to the golden dragon museum, we passed by this really pretty fountain which is smacked right in the middle of the town and decided to go down and take somemore pictures :DD

    This was taken on the way to the museum from the car. Looked so pretty when the sun shines on it!

    Pretty with the flowers!! But looks prettier in the picture I took from the car leh somehow.. Maybe cause the sun was shining on it and also from that angle it looked like it was shooting out more water :PP

    The pictures were worth the jay walk and the illegal parking! HEHE so niceeeee!

    Finally satisfied with all the picture taking and being all touristy, we decided to head back to Melbourne. But before heading back we stopped at a lookout for some final shots of the Bendigo town from up high and also to catch a glimpse of the sunset!

    But ping didn't go up with me because the lookout tower look pretty scarily high sooo I quickly went up and grab the shots altho I am scared of heights as well. Hahahah!

    Exactly like the one at the mine. And you see that guy in the photo? The whole time I was up there taking photos, I think he walked up and down more than 10 times! For the sake of exercising. But scary leh.... He somemore walk so fast. I pula walk so slow and held onto the rails so tight!

    Ping in the car..

    The town of Bendigo. I quite like Bendigo leh... Looks like there is alot of history there and the structures are all very historic and it looks really pretty!
    And the very pretty sunset! :D Worth the scary hike up!

    Last picture of us to mark the end of the trip. Head back to Melbourne time!

    Before leaving, we went to get some drinks and lollies to prepare ourselves for the next two hour drive. And then, spent the whole way just talking and talking to keep ping occupied while she drives. And was back in Melbourne slightly after 8pm. Dinner was at a kebab truck on Racecourse Road. The famous OZ Kebab! I haven't had it in a long long time and she hasn't been so why not lah.. We had enough of asian food for the day. The noodle box wasn't that nice so means dinner has to be somewhat good. hehehe

    And it was goooooood!! Ping enjoyed it! Which makes me happy cause whenever someone enjoys the food I recommend, I super happy one lo!

    Then after eating, we went to pick Wei Bing up as he was going to drive me back to Clayton cause ping had been driving the whole day already. So nice of ping to offer to fetch me back to Clayton! So grateful leh!! Cause initially my plan was to take the train and then the bus back to the boyfriend's one lo.. On top of carrying like stuffs(clothes, daily needs, iPad, books cause there was a test) which were heavy somemore. So thankful for her very kind offer!! :DDDD Love you lah ping! <3

    By the time I got back to bf's was already like 9 something close to 10pm.

    Have no idea what else did I do for the night. From the looks of how my usual routine is, I would have most likely KO-ed on the bed before doing anything. HEHEHE

    Lastly, to conclude this post, I am going to announce on how much I miss Wei Ping! She is now back to Malaysia for good and I am like super missing her for being around cause she is usually my go to person for random lunches or weekend meetups... ): At least we did manage to have a day trip together and enjoyed it! Now.., I am one person short in Melbourne already.. )): Ping I will miss you very much!

    At least I'll be heading back to Malaysia over to winter holidays which is super good news and then I shall reunite with her for some shopping and makan trip in KL :D Can't wait till I head home!

    That's it for now! Will be back home tomorrow. The weekly post will probably be up on tomorrow night or the night after :P

    With love,

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