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    Monday, October 14, 2013


    Sorry for MIA-ing for 2 weeks! I have been totally swamped with uni stuff and I just got back from a weekend getaway trip with darling and his uni/postgrad friends. We went over to Venus Bay and it was funnnnn :) I'll get to that post, prolly next week lah ok :P

    For now, I should get the Lakes Entrance trip post out of the way as it happened a month ago HEHEH :D It was when mum and pa was here. Another family trip!

    13th till 15th September,

    Day 1,

    Darling stayed over the night before and we adjourned our journey at around 10am. But we somehow took a wrong turn and lead us to a longer route so the journey took almost 2 hours extra..

    *Along the way*
    Darling was the driver :)

    We rented an extra car and they gave us a Renault. I didn't pay much attention to what was the model haha

    And I was the navigator. I work pretty well with maps! :D

    All you see for most of the way is just greens and farmland.

    And then we stopped by Sale for lunch. I urbanspooned to see what was good in Sale town and the only restaurant that caught my attention was Mister Raymond.

    Love the interior of the place!

    Our rented car key and our shades! The boyfie's new oakley and my rayban aviators. Super loveeee!

    Aunty D ordered their soup of the day.

    Dear and Aunty Jaime ordered their Fish n Chips.

    Mum had their Japanese Soba Salad.

    May Yen Jie ordered their Chicken Schnitzel BLT.

    And I had their Seafood Linguine! So good!

    And of course my favourite drink, Soy Chai with Honey in a unique cup so that you will not feel the heat at all when you hold it.

    Enjoyed our lunch a lot! The waiters were friendly and the food was goood!

    After our lunch at Sale, off we continued on to Lakes Entrance. And I drove from Sale to Lakes Entrance because the boyfie was already tired after an almost four hours drive. So I took over and drove another hour plus close to two hours.

    Finally, we were in Lakes Entrance!

    *Our accommodation*
    It is actually a connecting two rooms with 3 queen sized beds. The place was pretty good! Very clean at least.

    The outside.

    Our cars.

    Straight after we checked in and settled down our luggages, we went out to the supermarket to get fresh seafood to cook our dinner.

    Then me and the boyfie went to explore just outside our room because it is actually a lookout point and wanted to take some shots of the sunset.


    Darling <3

    The sunsetting sky.

    As soon as we went back into our rooms, we were greeted by the fishy seafood smell.. It was dinner preparation time.

    Scallops and mussels!!

    Aunty D cooked for us seafood linguine in white wine sauce. SO GOOD!

    And after dinner everyone called the night pretty early. Everyone was too tired from the long travel.

    Day 2,

    We drove to Metung after having breakfast in our room as Metung was having a farmers market that Saturday.

    Fudges!! Obviously I bought some! The chocolate fudge was so good!!

    And also had some huge homemade dim sims! I am a sucker for weekend market food. They are always so unique and nice and I can just hop from one stall to the next and keep eating and munching away. hehehehe!

    We walked around Metung for a while and then left to the Nyerimilang Homestead for sight seeing.

    *At the Nyerimilang Homestead*
    The Homestead. Nothing special... It is just an old preserved house that people used to live in there years and years ago..

    It was around 1230pm.

    Pretty purple flowers! Still am amazed with my baby camera!! Still am in deep love with it! <3

    After exploring around, we went back into Lakes Entrance town for lunch. And of course whats a coastal holiday without seafood right?? More specifically, fish and chips!

    My favourite soft drink!

    Shared this with the boyfie :)

    After lunch, we all went to the Ninety Mile Beach to walk around.

    You gotta cross the bridge over the lake to get to the beach over the other side.

    Another species of Lavender.

    *The Ninety Mile Beach*
    Mummy dearest!


    Looking yengzhai hor?


    Aunty D.

    Aunty Jaime.

    Pa! <3<3

    May Yen Jie!

    The beach was just normal... I didn't really think it looked that nice..

    The sun is about to set.

    After this we went back to our accommodation which was only a 5 minutes drive away.

    First thing I did was to capture my OOTD before I lose light.

    Then we went to the nearby jetty to capture to sun setting sky.

    So pretty!!! No colour enhancement at all! All I did was bring up the contrast.

    Setting even more.. Yellowy Orangey skyyyy!

    The jetty! Super love this shot!

    There wasn't anything else to do after that so we went back.

    Taken from the lookout opposite our room.

    Dinner that night was instant noodles and all the other bits and pieces that we brought from home. But then it wasn't enough, soooo me and dear and may yen jie went out to KFC and tapaoed 18 pieces of wicked wings!! OMGGGG! Wicked Wings too yumsssss man!!!

    And also had dips with mini toasties :D

    Watched movie in bed with the bf on my iPad and it was a long long night cause the two of us can't sleep....

    Day 3,

    After breakfast and checkout, we went shopping!!

    At Target and Millers because they were having crazy clear out sales!! We were there for about 2 hours plus ok... We ladies can get abit extreme at times when it comes to shopping XD

    After feeling satisfied with all the buyings, off we got into our cars and started our journey back to Melbourne. And this time, we also stopped by at Sale town for lunch.

    We wanted to try some other restaurant but none was open except for Mister Raymond. So yeappp..., we went back to Mister Raymond again. But the food was pretty good the first time so I didn't mind going back at all! :D

    *Our food*
    Jie and aunty D shared their chicken salad.

    Pa had their eggs benedict.

    Mum and aunty jaime shared their chicken BLT.

    I shared this with the boyfie. Very healthy as it was vegetarian. But I super loveeeee mushrooms so I kinda liked this!

    And I ordered dessert!! This was sooooo goood man!!!!

    After lunch, we went vitamins shopping at chemist warehouse because they were having a huge sale. And after that, we drove back to Melbourne. This time, Jie took over the wheel while me and the boyfie slept.. hehe

    We've decided to have dinner at Sofia's in Camberwell because aunty D and pa and jie hasn't tried their food because when mum and aunty jaime tried it the last time, they loved it, so they said we have to go back there to eat. So yeaps.. anyways I haven't been back for quite a long while already.

    Known for their HUGE portion! Quality wise is not bad for the price you pay :)

    Chargrilled Chicken Salad.

    Pasta Mista for two. Chicken and Mushroom Risotto, Seafood Marinara and Spaghetti Carbonara.

    And a creamy seafood pancake!

    Only three HUGE dishes for 7 people! And we were filled to the brim ok! Their portion has always been to hugeeeeeee!

    After dinner, I drove the bf back to Clayton because I was the only one who knew the way without the GPS and also took him to grocery shopping since we had the car so he could get more things that usually he can't because normally we commute to clayton by bus. And then dropped him back to MA, chilled awhile and I then left back for home.

    It was so stressful to drive back on Princes Highway/Kings Way...!!! There were so many traffic lights!!! And cameras and speed limits and all that... I was so so stressed out! I know the way home perfectly well but the traffic lights totally got to me.

    By the time I got home, I felt so relieved! Altho, it was quite fun to drive in Melbourne as it was my first! :D

    My polaroids for this trip! So happy with it! Now I get to carry around my two VIPs with me everywhere I go! 

    That's it for the trip! Time passes by so quick!! I remember waiting impatiently for mum's arrival and now, she has came and gone. Now I shall wait impatiently again till she comes again next April! And also my annual year end trip back to Malaysia :)

    Till my next update! Byeeeee!

    With love,

    Mister Raymond on Urbanspoon

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