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  1. had brunch plans with steph today. left the house about 11 plus. steph drove me to parade. ((: cause i wanna eat at Uncle Lim's.

    stephy! and her nasi lemak. my friend since kindergarden tau. don't pray pray. :DD

    meeeee.. and my fish porridge.

    then just went walking around. and i got crazy over the clips and earrings which i bought stuff worth RM20 then went f.o.s bought a pair of shorts somemore.

    hehe. ((:

    shopping and walking around la. left about 1 plus 2.

    came home then i slept awhile then cousin came to pick me up to follow him to the workshop that he got his car fixed. apparently his hilux this morning got broken into.

    so went over to glenmarie. then i drove the vios back home and he drove to hilux off to wherever he is going. came home a while then left to yao yun's place to collect some stuff from her mum.

    got home awhile then got ready to go out dinner with the two buggers. ferns and timmy! ((:

    drove the vios out to pick ferns and pick tim from ss15 cause he was just off from work. headed over to sri hartamas which was like so jam on ldp.

    and they were both crapping la as usual. don't know what pknsfc something like that. then trying to make me laugh cause i was in need to pee very badly. and made all the noises la. my stupid friends whom i love la. :D

    got to desa sri hartamas about 7 something. japanese food.

    the sashimi set is gooooood! fresh and cut thickly. syiok!! RM22

    and also tried hot sake for the first time.

    then came home. managed to drive the vios back safely....

    i enjoyed dinner alot la. this two jokers ah forever could make my day one la. tang kah tim, i'll miss you la honestly when you go to uk. when you are in china for hols, tell me and ferns, we confirm come visit you! :DD

    some stuff are bothering me in my mind... ): where are you for me to talk to?



    lots of love,

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