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  1. happy birthday to me la... (;

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    today went out to low yat with loong and ferns. had to go get ram so yeaa..

    4gb of ram cost me RM306. its okay laa...

    ferns drove and helped me buy my ram. hehe thank you fei lin! ((:

    got home and stone and don't know what i was doing till like 9 pm then ferns came over to fetch me for movie. then suddenly cherly came to my house holding a cake with candles on it but no light.

    HAHA. so sweet of her.

    ice cream cake. ((:

    love you la girlfriend! :DDDD and thanks for it. i prolly need it la at that point. :DD
    went out for movie with tim, yao yun, cherly, steph, ferns, loong, and estee.

    despicable me.

    hmmm... not too bad. but i wouldn't say i really liked it la. i don't know why. i can't say i don't like cartoons cause i mostly do. so yea something about it la. tho i like the small girl agnes. HAHA! so cutee like boo in monster inc.

    by the time movie ended also 12am already. no longer my birthday anymore. so yeaa i am like officially NINETEEN. ((:

    had some scary and terrifying drive home. especially on the ldp. scary man!!! got back around 12.30am. which was fast already. ahah!

    now its one plus. i shall go find something to do laaa..


    lots of love from the birthday girl,

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