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    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    woke up at 7.30am this morning cause i had to go out with mum and cousin to office and then drive the car back alone.

    just cause i had to go down kl for dinner with mum and cousin and i have no transport down. so thus taking the car back and then drive myself down again in the evening.

    on my way back in the morning, nearly got banged by some car. stupid girl.

    and then i detoured to mcd drive thru at ss15 to get breakkie. i haven't had their breakkie in a long time.

    sausage mcmuffin with egg and hash brown and ice milo.

    then i slept from like 10 something like 12 something. made plans to meet up with qi hong at the curve.

    so drown there around 1 something. i had to drive so that i'll leave from curve straight to kl after that.

    got to curve and met up with qi hong and charissa.

    first went to see got movie to watch or not. but like don't have la. actually got inception but i am going to watch tomorrow with teck wei so yea.

    sorry guys i made you guys not watch inception. sorry sorry!

    then we sat at Baskin Robbins for quite long talking about the old high school stories and gossiping about people. HAHA

    then went hang kai for a while which i bought stuffs then walked over to ikea and bought a dozen of curry puffs! love love their curry puffs!! sat there and ate and talk somemore.

    till like 5 something only we left.

    drove to kl using penchala link and it was like raining so heavy!! i was driving slowly and blasted my radio. but i love driving alone and this driving alone in the heavy rain is a kinda cool experience.

    went to pick up mum and cousin then headed over to kepong for dinner.

    got home about 9 something. then jimrami the whole time after that. just stopped not long. now is like 1.30am.

    woops. so means everything is not today, it was yesterday already.


    oooo yea stuffs i bought today.

    a jumpsuit and a tie. both from kitschen and for two, cost me RM50.

    aiya why la i always kena as lightbulb one ah?? when is it people gonna be my lightbulb. sien betul. HAHA

    but quite fun tho. ehe

    oklaaaa i shall watch one episode of ghost whisperer then tido. i love that show. first, jennifer love hewitt is like super pretty and the show sometimes is so touching that it makes me cry. nice!


    much love,

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