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  1. crowd all the way.

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    outfit for the dinner.
    dress courtesy to Bill Keith.

    start off with the KL Hilton dinner on saturday.

    on our way there it was like raining damn heavy la. as tho the sky was like going to fall down. so dark and scary.

    it was mum's ex colleague's wedding so yea. and his wife damn pretty le. she is from shanghai, china. damn fair, slim and pretty.

    all the food.

    got home and played jimrami? ginrami? whatever it is called la. i played till like 7.30am.

    geng or not le. two tables. one table mahjong one table jimrami. ahah!

    played till like 7.30am la. geng le... ((((: then only i went to sleep. somemore lose money one. but damn syiok la play until.

    then woke up almost 2pm and ate lunch.


    fu chuk!! (:

    aunt cooked all my favourite food laaaa..

    lin is back so went to melur and had a yc session with qi hong, tim, loong, yew wei and san san.

    had roti telur banjir.

    then after that i came home played jimrami awhile somemore then i went out to pasar malam.

    damn good fried carrot cake.

    this drink also damn nice. been drinking since i was a kid!

    my favourite nasi lemak stall didn't open. how sadd.... ))): i come back so long haven't eaten nasi lemak yet laaaa!

    after pasar malam went to usj 1 there to some furniture shop cause cousin's friend wanted to collect something.

    in the end i bought stuff.

    a coat hanger and yea i am bringing it back to oz. i always wanted one. :D

    only went out at night around 12 something almost 1am for football match. adrian came to my place and park his car then both of us went to kk to fetch yao yun. i drove.

    was strolling around kk to find some hot spot to watch but in the end don't have so we went to ss15's hassan. yea only the three of us. :D

    quite alot of people. and there were vuvuzelas. (:

    ordered maggi goreng and teh o' ais limau.

    and SPAIN WON!!!! wooooo hooo!

    by the time i got home also like close to 6am already. went tido laaa.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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