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  1. yesterday was the bomb laaaa! how could i even begin how much i love yesterday's celebration. tho i don't have a picture of my cake and me blowing it whatsoever and also a picture of my risotto. but yeaa still love last night!

    i haven't hang out with my friends all in one place in a very long time. it has been a year! long enough la for me.

    early morning yesterday i followed mum for groceries shopping at ss15 market, carrefour and jaya grocer. then came home and slept till like 2pm.

    lunch was sister's crispy popiah which cost me RM9.50!

    don't know what i did till it was time for me to cook then it was time for people to come. liam and sean was the earliest la actually but they don't dare to come in the house cause nobody was here yet.

    then steph came only they agreed to coming in then loong came. then eventually everyone came la.

    there was liam, sean, steph, loong, adrian, tim, ferns, qi hong, yao yun, hau yang, celine, keng yew, hong jiun, chun kit, jack, yew wei. i hope i didn't miss anyone out... :D

    first we had the eating and talking session.

    tim was imitating steph's pose. which looks gay.

    tim camwhoring with my iphone. fail laaa..

    while we had all that, there was a small group having camwhoring session with my photo booth application on my mac too.

    then some of them left already. left with only steph, ferns, loong, adrian, yao yun, tim. then started the games and drinking session.

    but first, tim and adrian already kena the beer shot gun thingy from my cousin la. ahah!

    drinking games time. 007 bang!

    i kena quite a few glasses la. mixture of this and that then i also like tipsy and reddd already so we stopped. ferns was so red, yao yun was red and lying on my couch already, steph was like red too.

    ferns and steph left first.

    then my cousins and his friends started their games which involved tim and adrian. loong just watch them, me watching too which played in the end and yao yun lying on the couch sleeping.

    up and down, indian poker and also 007 bang!

    which in the end i was getting more sober up then i also played along with them. which i kena one cup of johnny walker black label mixed with something also.

    the night was called off at about 2 something.

    then cousins insisted of fetching tim home. which in the end boon drove tim's car with me, tim and yao yun in it.

    and another car following behind which was ah tung, ah lai, oh lou hoong and xiao pei jie. :D went to kota kemuning and fetched yao yun home first then tim.

    i had to borrow toilet again tho i went before leaving so yea, tim's house.

    then everyone went in the house and sat there a while and then ah lai starting tuning the guitar and play.

    sat there sing a little bit then ciaoed la. tim looked so tired already. ahah!

    then off to home la. 6 of us squeeze into one car.

    got home at about 4 am. then about 5 am only i went to bed.

    woke up at 11am this morning cause i was meeting up with may wong and vanessa for lunch. vanessa came to pick me up to ioi boulevard in puchong.

    had lunch at cone pizza and it was may wong's treat.

    so nice catching up with them. fyi, vanessa used to be my nike assistant supervisor and may wong was our executive.

    oh and the cone pizza is nice! ahah! ((:

    cheap somemore. thanks may wong! i shall catch up with you guys end of the year la. ohhh and may wong's baby girl emily is sooooo cuteeee! :DD

    and and apparently i am fairer and didn't look like i put on weight. so niceee to hear man. :DDD

    k la. tonight going KL hilton with mum for wedding dinner and i am borrowing ferns my laptop for 24 hours. so yea.

    my birthday presents.

    from steph and yao yun.
    thanks girls!

    i've always wanted one but thought it was just too pricey.
    now i have it thanks to tim and ferns! ((((:
    thanks guys!

    ciao lo!

    lots and lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    thanks everyone for coming last night, you guys made my night and it was a great birthday celebration.

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