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    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    i woke up at 3.30pm today. i didn't even know i slept that long la. i woke up at 10 something replied sms then woke up at 12 something again then slept right through till 3.30pm.

    geng la. :D

    then went down to KL to look for mum at her office cause going dinner with her customer.

    on the way damn jam lo. and also cause it was raining.

    but i love the fact that i don't have to drive and all i did was look out for nice stuff all the way beside me. restaurants, cars, skies. :D

    went to victoria station on jalan ampang.

    i like their sharkfins and crabmeat soup. (:

    cajun salmon and lamb cutlets. ((:

    took the road that i love coming back from. jalan sultan ismail. altho i wanted to go down drive by myself but i guess sitting on the passenger seat would do.

    i love the city lights.

    i was looking at it like a small kid seeing a candy. i just love the city lights. building's light would make me happy.

    i think going to new york would really make me so happy la at night. seriously my dream! new york i would come!

    got back cousin's friend bought nasi lemak. and i ate somemore. HEHE.

    this one from pj is nice. :D

    i come back so long haven't had nasi lemak. and now i had the one i like. syiok laaa!

    oklaaa... i go play jimrami first.


    i won RM70!!

    paid RM20 for nasi lemak and still left RM50 for tomorrow's road trip. yay!!

    oh and tomorrow i will be going down to malacca which a bunch of them. sure fun one! but cherly not going. )):

    oklaaaa... tido lo. i have to wake up in 5 hours.


    music addiction : Empire State of Mind part II - Alicia Keys

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