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  1. woke up at 1.50pm today. yeaa i know very "early". HAHA (((:

    then was greeted by a packet of nasi lemak with daging and a plate of paru and pedal. (((: used to be my favourite weekend breakkie. just that this whole month that i am back, i never had it.

    from usj9.

    mum went out to buy for me. ((((: i love her more each day. it is like a never ending love towards her.

    and i could tell that me leaving on friday, is taking up a part of her. but i know she knows i will be alright. :D love you mi!

    then lazed around the house and then went out close to 6pm for dinner.

    went to Hakka Restaurant near pavilion.

    garlic fried kai lan and seafood roll.

    fried brinjal with dried shrimps and chilli.

    crab meat tempura.

    plum sauce chicken.

    and my favourite!! steamed cod fish!! i usually eat that whole thing to myself! (((: but this time needa share... ): HAHA

    then went over to my grandfather's place to collect some stuff from him. he knows i like this kueh and he went to buy for me.

    but didn't want him to travel all the way from wangsa maju by public transport to my place just to pass it to me.

    went to say goodbye cause i am leaving on friday and i could see how much he'll miss me. aww he had always been so cute. and i love him. ((: plus i am his favourite granddaughter. there is a whole big gap in between me and his other grandchildrens. love you datuk!

    was supposed to have ramly with teck wei but raining.. so ramly plan cancelled! ))): the plan shall resume the next few days.... (:

    now going to watch my ghost whisperer. then sleep slightly earlier. promised mr ching to sleep early. if not he might not bring me to lunch as promised. HAHA

    abit hard for me to get that done. i'll try!


    with love,

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