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  1. woke up at 1 am today. then teck wei texted saying he leaving monash. which leaves me quite sometime to get ready.

    went to eat lunch at sushi zanmai.

    chicken curry katsu don.

    then went for movie. 2.45pm show. like damn full lo the cinema.


    it's interesting and good la. but i feel that the show is abit too long. but well.... it is rather different. comes in from a different angle and perception.

    after movie then left for home already.

    teck wei fetched me home. first he had classes in monash and came to fetch me to go to pyramid. hehe so nice of him. plus today, he was even nicer.

    hehe.. thank you! (((: tho i feel bad. ):

    got home almost 6pm then 7.30pm i left out to pyramid again. this time was for dinner with yao yun as she is going back tomorrow.

    ferns came to fetch me then steph then yao yun from monash.

    ate at zanmai again. alongside with tim and ferns.

    sashimi salad and cranky salmon maki.

    we left pyramid about 10.30pm la. tim fetched me and steph and yao yun back cause ferns had to go somewhere.

    tim was laughing at me cause i was posing for the first shot.

    we were trying to make the carpark thingy turn red. but failed...

    we girlfriends.

    yao yun, i'll see you next saturday! :DDD

    i have about a week more to go. tho i feel like it is so soon but somehow i don't really dread going back la. i just say "aiyo, going back next friday already. so fast...." for the fun of it. it is true what.

    but i guess going back is also alright. well maybe not until i go back to melbourne and start thinking back about what i did here, then prolly i would feel like i wanna stay in malaysia longer la.

    anyways, i think i already fully utilised my holiday back here lo. so yea. good thing! (:

    okla i shall go watch ghost whisperer. then sleep.

    nitey nite.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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