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  1. hey hey! i am leaving in like 12 hours a little lesser la.

    things has been pretty bumpy in the morning and i thought it would have destroyed my day. but well, thanks to some people and my family and the outings today, things just got better.

    went out to town around 11 plus. met up with mum and cousin at their work place then left to lunch with mum's customer at imbi.

    some authentic japanese place. it was like a whole bungalo converted into a restaurant.

    one word. nice! that set for RM38. okay wert.

    played the game traffic jam with a 5 year old and i felt stupid. he could solve practically everything. and he is so cute la. 5 but could speak like a 10 year old.

    then left to pavilion cause i was in need of getting a wifi connection to get my timetable done. but bullshit la pavilion. everywhere wifi down cause of some maintenance. i was walking up and down with quite a fast pace and the weather was so hot, i was sweating in the mall!!

    i am so happy i will be back to the cold tonight!!!

    ended up i went to low yat cause cousin was there and he has a friend working there. so i borrowed his laptop to get things sorted out.

    now my thursdays are freeeeee! YAY! and classes mostly starts late!! can sleep late!!! ((:

    went yumcha while ni at low yat. at this hidden cafe who is inside some shop.

    tried their nyonya teh. which instead of using white sugar, it uses gula melaka. (:

    after that, fetched cousin back to work then left back for home. rested at home a while then went out to pyramid for dinner.

    cousin belanja makan at zanmai!

    hotate mentaiyaki.

    toro salmon and toro hamachi sashimi. :D

    dinner was great la. japanese the whole day. i had so much of japanese food this time back. cause i don't have it often in australia. so i am very satisfied. :DDDD

    after dinner went uncle's place and then mamak with uncle, aunty, mum and cousins. then came home and went out ramly with teck wei.

    thank's for bringing me out. (: the friend who i'll see last before leaving. i'll miss him! ):

    i'll miss everyone here. friends and family. :D

    and tim, who i might not see for quite a while. miss all of you! for some, or i would say most, i will see you guys in 4 months!

    love ya'll.

    k la. thought of watching some show. and get myself really tired and sleep in the plane. byeee!

    and i think when i come back, i'll have a new car to drive. :DDD

    much much love to people here,
    sher xoxo.

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