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  1. i loooooooove it la!

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    malacca was like awesome la. AWESOME! like so good until now like 3am i also so happy don't want to sleep. HEHE.

    all the other pictures will be on facebook soon. SOON.

    chicken rice balls - cendol - curry laksa - satay - coconut shake - popiah - mahkota parade - nyonya dinner - layer egg crepes cake - o chien! FOOOOOOD all the way!

    started the day wit melur breakkie and then melur yc with a longggggg chatting session of refreshing highschool and college memories. syiok laaaaaa!

    love love this trip laaaaaaaa! ferns funny moment between two cars was like the cherry on the cake la. sweet! bye bye ferns! thats what i said. :D

    thank god for cheap air tickets and thank god for my mum saying yes to coming home! this made up all those emoness on my day before this.


    siu dou kin nga mm kin ngan. :D

    nite la. late already.

    tomorrow going genting to stay overnight then going back hometown will sunday. will only resume back on sunday night la.

    bye bye!

    fb pictures on malacca next week ya.

    much much love,
    sher xoxo.

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