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  1. call? dream la. dream..

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    please la....


    was at home the whole day today. supposed to go down to KL and have my shopping alone plan but tak jadi laaaaa..

    something came up and the plan to go down was all jumbled up. ended up i was just rotting at home watching ghost writer and sleep.

    oh oh and i watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging on HBO.

    i like it!

    its cuteeee. HAHA! the whole show is funny la. but it is a teenager movie la. but the girls the way they act is cute. really...

    and as usual for me,

    he is cutee too! ((: aaron johnson. :D

    with the british accent even more hot! HAHA! awwww... ((((: just like alex pettyfer my god! HOT AA!!

    mum bought back the best porridge i've ever had out and that i haven't been eating for ages.

    chicken porridge.

    amazingly goooood! from somewhere nearby her office.

    now what to do le. according to tim, i have to go sleep. but i don't feel like it. hmm..



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