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  1. i hate the liquor after taste man. a mixture of chivas and martell cordon bleu. it tasted not bad. but after taste like now, yuck!

    went cherly there for potluck one geh then taboo then drinking. ughh i hate the burping out liquor smell. horrible!

    was out today after i woke up at about 12.30? then went kl for some flu injection then went to close my cimb bank account then pavilion for lunch. which met mum's customer. ang moh mix chinese the son sure quite cute one hor...

    lunch. ichiban boshi. mini donut is cute weih...

    then went bill keith there try baju. he designed all the dress damn nice lo. i want...

    got home at about 9pm then went out to cherly's already. tim fetched. :D

    drinking session.

    they were like dam high already lo this two.

    was there till now lo. now is 2pm. okay i am very sleepy already. i ciao dulu la. tomorrow might go movie with tim. nitee. (:

    got redder and sleepier liao. niteeee!


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