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  1. woke up at 8.15am today. cause i had breakfast plans with qihong. left the house about 8.30am then went to pick him up then went to Nirvana for breakfast.

    my roti kosong with teh o' ais limau. :D i like the way they serve food on banana leaf. (:

    sat there chit chat a little while then left. it was qihong's treat. hehe thank you thank you! got home, rested till like 12 something i went out.

    it was like a very last minute plan la. ended up in one utama with qihong.

    had lunch at secret recipe.

    japanese soba with plain water.

    i wanted to save some money on lunch. manatau also was qihong's treat. ahaha! thank you thank you once again! i tried to pay so hard but he don't let. so yeaa.. my birthday gift worr... :D

    just went walking all over one utama. i love going shopping with him le. he doesn't complain. and give constructive feedbacks. like that only good ma... (:

    i end up buying a paul frank tshirt!! OMG i wanted one sooooooo long. i even wanted to buy the fake one from ebay. cause i just wanted one. somemore blueeeeee! cute man! :DDDD

    and it is cheap. 50% from RM109.90. paid only RM54.95. ((((: love love love!

    left one utama about 4 plus and was home by 5pm.

    slept one hour then went out to fetch mum from work in kl. today is prolly the last i'll ever drive downtown before i go back la.

    eventho tired, i still like driving. :D

    but love driving the civic more. :DD aunt in oz also drives civic but i can't drive that one.... )):

    fetched mum then mum drove and went for dinner. had the best hokkien mee. just that i forgot to take picture of anything. too busy eating. but it was THE BEST! :DDD

    still loves the klcc night lightings!!

    then picked cousin up then went for food again. late night dimsum at kuchai lama.

    all i ate was the escargots cause i was like super full but yet can't resist the escargots. damn niceeeee!

    just got home not long only. after blogging this then i am watching one episode of Hi My Sweetheart then going to bed. apparently i have to be good to myself. so yea.

    oklaaa! byeee..

    with love,

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