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  1. love this outfit. but just somehow something was wrong with it. thou, the jacket was alright, i don't know when i would wear it also. so in the end, no buying. ):

    was out to sushi zanmai for dinner yesterday with mum, oh lou and xiao pei jie. i lovee zanmai la. i used to love it more last time la. now things are getting more expensive and lesser but i still somehow love it. :D

    mum promise me to bring me and have a feast there. ((: so yea.

    seared medium rare beef slices.

    teriyaki cod fish!! i love cod fish!!!! (((:

    was home the whole night after that. but yet i managed to sleep like 3 something in the morning. hmmm... oh i finished season 1 of ghost whisperer. so yea..

    today went pyramid hang kai with mum from 1 something till like 6pm. all i bought was a belt from roxy which cost me RM39.

    saw alot of other stuff but its either too expensive or no size.

    bought the sanfrancisco coffee's extreme chocolate. after a year they still had the buy one free one! reminded me of nike working days.

    i seriously miss working in nike lo. the experience. whenever i hear I Wanna the song in a clothes shop, i think of work. seriously miss those days tho there were some unhappy days. but still miss it!

    walking into nike now, feels very stranger like already. last time felt like i knew everything there. now, no.


    then left to mum's customer place and then went dinner with them at selayang baru. i tell you it was like some crab feast. too bad i don't fancy crabs.

    and her son is like cuteeee.. haha 3 years my junior. no no shereena. (((:

    i've just got to notice kids who are mixed caucasian and chinese are either cute or hot. and yeaaa he is cute. (:

    tho there is like a living example for me in aus who lives beside my room la. :DD

    and then went to old taste ss15 to meet up with wei ping and teck wei and joel. khai shien was suppose to come but don't know where he disappeared to la. couldn't contact him.

    was there till like 12.30am. then teck wei fetched me home.

    got back and did nothing till now la. mum is fast asleep on the recliner and i am sitting here doing... hm.. blog?

    guess i will start ghost whisperer season 2 in a while.

    love ya'll,

    music addiction : Lady Gaga - Alejandro

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