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  1. this is why i wanted to come home.

    Thursday, July 08, 2010

    just woke up about an hour ago. which was like 1pm plus la. can't blame me la. i slept at 5am.


    went out with cousin and his wife-to-be to see their taken wedding photos at jalan ipoh. but before that they took me for lunch.

    RM15 per bowl of seafood curry laksa.

    友爱 in segambut.

    was home i think about 6? aiyo i hate the rain la. damn ma fan.

    slept for a little while then cherly came to pick me up and go to melur. had yc with adrian, ferns, cherly, tim and loong.

    we were like so loud la there. had our betting for the later germany and spain match. tim's was to watch two horror movies if he loses and loong's was wear a skirt and walk around pyramid. HAHA!

    it was so funny la! had my dinner. maggi goreng. :DDD

    left melur at 11 something cause ferns had to go back and ask permission whether he could watch football with us or not.

    i went home with cherly cause she wanted to play mahjong and there is a mahjong session at my house. later on all of them came over and we left at about 1am.

    6 of us squeeze into tim's car and at first we were driving aimlessly then decided to go to taylor's lakeside campus.

    big lo. bigger than swinburne i think.

    walked around then sit down and talk a little while.

    we went into lecture theatres, buying junk food from vending machines, the guys going into girls toilet, and... only we know. :D

    left taylor's at about 2am then headed over to loong's place and start watching our match on his sony 52' hd tv. ((:

    and SPAIN WON!!!!!!!

    they would have get a 2-0 if stupid pedro passed the ball to torres! stoopid idoit!

    was over at loong's till 4.30am then came home. so yea thus the late waking up la. (((: i so love last night la. i don't think i have had so much fun with a bunch of friends for quite sometime. at least the times that i am in oz la.

    love it love it!


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