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  1. my first BRANDED bag! love it! ;D

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    i have been away for 4 days? 3 days? aiya one of it la.

    let me start with Friday,

    supposingly to go over to station one and watch football with the rest one right, but in the end me and tim was watching at my place and he had a bottle of hoegarden beer from my cousins.

    well the match was fun to watch la. Netherlands vs Brazil.

    after the match went over to ferns place cause i had to pass him my laptop but then me and tim ended up staying in ferns place talking till like 2am only ciaoed.

    got home and tim left then i went to bed at like 3am and had to wake up at 6am cause i am heading of to kuantan.


    two cars up to kuantan. had breakkie at temerloh's r&r.

    we left at 7.30am and reached kuantan at about 11.30am? went for lunch first which i didn't eat anything and everyone was like why you not eating and all that. i know la it is odd.

    then we went to buy keropok lekor which i absolutely loveeeeee!

    headed to the apartment after that. Bailey's Court.

    nice place though. super long and 3 rooms and only for RM199. i think it is quite cheap lo. if you dont just only use the beds but also the floors like we usually do when we go anywhere, it can accommodate 15 people. so yeaaa..

    YUM!!! (:

    then had my keropok lekor! yummmmy! i ate so much of it and thank god ai had no lunch before that.

    slept for like an hour then went to Teluk Cempedak beach.

    played some games with cousins. its called 007. the loser had to drink sea water. supposingly was to drink alcohol one but we don't have it at that moment.

    had dinner at some restaurant called Pak Su.

    belacan kangkung.

    thai style chicken.

    lala and choy tham.

    tomato crabs, salted egg sotong!, butter prawns.

    dinner was not too bad. i love love the salted egg sotong!! (((: YUM!!

    went back to the apartment and watched the Germany vs Argentina match. cause among my family we have two teams of six. one supports argentina one supports germany.

    and the betting was belanja makan ikan bakar after the match. which was supper.

    so stayed up and watch but mana tau rain damn heavy so tak jadi go supper for ikan bakar.

    ended up i stayed up watching 30 Days of Night because i wanted to watch the spain match but mana tau the tv isn't showing. they didn't have the sports channel that shows the match. )):

    went to bed lo. nothing else to do already.

    btw, Josh Hartnett is hawt la!! ((:


    left the apartment close to 12pm. then went shopping for ham yu in town.

    instead of the betting of belanja-ing ikan bakar. instead the loser team needed to belanja lunch. which was apparently some awesome chicken rice la.

    two tables. RM126. which was about RM20 per person.

    i was looking forward to the ikan bakar though. but tak ada..... )):

    before leaving kuantan went to visit temple a while. then off heading back. but had dinner over at karak first.

    durian bomb.

    at yik kei.

    owner of this shop is also owner of Sri Karak that durian shop. after this dinner really headed back for home already.

    slept early that night.


    went lunch with cousin sister at Sushi Zanmai.

    love their salad now. :D

    then she dropped me off at Taman Paramount for me to take lrt and then ktm to Midvalley to meet up with my mum and cousin.

    i love love lrt way more than melbourne's metro!! way more effiecient than metro laaaa!

    empty....... syiok man!!

    and i am so used to the door having a button, i nearly wanted to press nothing. HEHE.

    reached kl sentral just 10 minutes from paramount then bought ticket to go over to midvalley but waited for the damn ktm for half an hour!!

    i hate hate ktm!!

    now there is something called the ladies coach. only ladies allowed in the middle carriage.

    and the board is useless. they tell you no shit.

    i hate it cause i waited half an hour just to get to one stop away from kl sentral. SHIT LA!

    reached midvalley and went walking around abit then mum reached then cousin and his friend reached.

    had dinner there then went to coach. cause i wanted to get a coach bag which was sold out at the garden's outlet.

    then headed over to pavilion cause there is a coach outlet there.

    BOUGHT IT!!! RM525 with 50% discount. RM262.50! i love it laaaa. love my mum and love my cousin. :DDDD sling bag is now love. (:

    mum bought too. with 50% discount as well.

    had dessert at snowflakes. i now take back what i said the other day. i love what i had the other day more than this. love the soyabean ice alot.

    Tuesday, today.

    went dimsum with loong, ferns and cherly at axian. then i came back and slept for like 5 hours. till like 6pm. then went dinner at sunset at usj 14 cause oh lou's birthday.

    then mamak at usj 3a al-nainas with ferns. two so lous sitting there stone. ahaha! but well, thanks ferns for taking me out. needed it la at that point.

    gonna stay up and watch netherlands and uruguay match later. ciao!

    lots of love,

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