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    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    all my post is dated a day ahead cause i am always blogging at like 11 something at night and my post are all set to australian time. so yea it is a day ahead in melbourne already.

    just got back from ramly with ferns not long ago only. :D

    hmmm so today ah?

    went out lunch at 12 something with cherly at pyramid. had japanese and sushi zanmai. it is like my favourite place la. love it there and can like eat and eat and eat.

    but didn't feel like spending so much so i ordered like little only.

    soft shell crab maki and salmon sashimi.

    and also ordered another toro salmon sushi which i have no picture of.

    then went walking around a while only. but a while only i also manage to buy stuff already.

    bought this pinafore like dress from playboy.

    70% so it cost me 59.70. :D not too bad laaa. cherly have the same one too. hehe.

    left pyramid about 2 something then got home. mum was sick so she was home too. then later around 3 something ferns came with cherly to my place. ferns was to fix my ram and cherly i don't know la. ahaha!

    they left about 5.30 cause i had to go out with mum for dinner with her customer at soho kl. or solaris mont kiara whichever you guys prefer la. same place anyways.

    went to ole-ole bali.

    so damn full man! and also very nice dinner. makes me miss my bali trip!

    got back about 10 plus then played mahjong for like an hour then went out ramly with ferns. so called so damn full la.


    sat there and ate. ferns belanja me a box of chrysanthemum tea.

    just got back about half an hour ago only la. now i think i wanna go watch some movies then go sleep and don't know do what tomorrow. hmmm..

    my birthday present from cherly.

    tho it isn't visible of the patterns on it but i like the patterns. thanks girl! love you lots! xoxos.

    byee la.

    with love,

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