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  1. today is a good day!

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    went out lunch with teck wei as promised. :D and together with wei ping too. at sarpino's USJ1 for pizza. it is quite nice le.

    zesty italian.

    ranch style chicken.

    was there till like 3pm then i fetched teck wei home then went over to empire to meet up with qi hong.

    walked around empire looking for dorothy perkins cause there is sales and i wanna go see. but ended up the shop isn't even open yet.

    then walked over to parade cause there is dorothy perkins there but nothing also la actually. so just went walking around parade and i bought something... :D

    everlast jacket from f.o.s for RM47.

    okla i guess? always wanted an everlast jacket tho. :DDD so sorta dream come true and cheaper somemore. ahaha.

    drove the civic today. loveeeeeee it!! pick up damn song. tho it took me awhile to get use to the brakes. but still love driving it la! :D

    came home about 5 ish then slept from 6pm till 6.45pm. got ready and then teck wei came to fetch me cause we were going out dinner.

    together with the s9s.

    zanmai as usual. but i don't seem to get bored of that place lo. there was me, wei ping, teck wei, khai shien, brandon, wei xiang, rohit, sean and vincent who came much much later.

    my zaru soba and salmon sashimi.

    and also chicken gyoza. mine. :D

    got home close to 11pm. today had been a great day. tho i am going back soon to oz, i am looking forward to it. cause i know i fully utilised my holiday this time round. :D

    now i shall go watch some new taiwanese series that teck wei gave me.


    sher xoxo.

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