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  1. enjoying life as a friend said. (;

    Friday, July 02, 2010

    woke up at 10.30am this morning. first was because i could hardly sleep which i don't know why and second cause my uncle was here and i hate to open the gate.

    i nicely went to bed this morning all sleepy and all then mana tau 5 something i woke up and replied a friend's text message that needed me to hear the problem out then after that i couldn't sleep back already. i was like tossing and turning on the bed till like 7 only i slept back... )):

    at about 12.30pm tim came to fetch me out to pyramid. had some movie plans.

    got our tickets then went for lunch at carl's jr. my first time there so yeaa. not too bad though but damn filling lo. like very the big la the burger.

    western bacon cheeseburger?

    then went for A-Team.

    first gave it a 9/10. but prolly an 8.5/10 la.

    i had a good laugh seriously. it was good man. as tim said, wise choice. plus i like the actors in the show. liam neeson is good as usual and bradley cooper is yeng! his body damn hot and i think jessica biel is hot too. :D

    the rest of the team, funny. liked it!

    by the time movie was over also like 3.45pm already. thw two of us sat down at juice works for a cup of drink then left at about 4.40?

    having to catch up with a friend like this is part of my main purpose of being home this holiday. i really miss my friends over in oz.

    thanks for bringing me out tim. once again. (:

    got home and watched ghost whisperer for a bit then slept. dinner with mum and cousins and all. not very fancy la. ((:

    going out in a bit for yumcha with qi hong and tim to watch football. netherlands vs brazil. must watch man!

    tomorrow till sunday i will be over in kuantan. back on sunday.

    and my dearest macbook will be with ferns for the weekend for its body check up. so yeaaa.. ((:

    ciao! till then.

    much much love,

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