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  1. random last minute midnight movie.

    Friday, July 09, 2010

    just got back from movie with teck wei and cherly and before that we went to snowflakes. was just the three of us. yeaa..

    my japan combo.

    and had extra pearl and lotus seed from cherly. lagi niceee!

    then suddenly just decided to go watch movie. first was to watch predator. so left snowflakes at 10 something then went over to pyramid.

    predator was out of tickets. only left with the first row so changed movie.

    the back up plan.


    i liked it though. but it was a typical click flick la. i am sucker la when it comes to chick flick. and i really had a good laugh. i just like it la.

    plus i find J.lo really pretty and i love love her body. and i also find the guy HAWT!

    alex o'loughlin.

    HAHA. guys like that don't exist anymore. well i am saying guys like him in the show. it is just weird that shows are just showing how perfect a guy could be but in real life, its bullshit. although i know it is bullshit, i still believe there is such guys.

    i am even more crappy la.


    left pyramid close to 1.30am. fetched cherly home and now i am back. tomorrow i will be having my potluck. wonder how that will go.

    don't know why i am not very looking forward to my birthday. i always get a feeling that i never get whatever i hope for on that day. so yea. i have that feeling i won't again this year.

    okla. sleepy already. niteee!

    i told teck wei something i thought of him today. and now i feel bad. but well, i was really being honest only.... ):

    much love,

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