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  1. should i go back to sleep?

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    woke up at 11 am this morning. had my brekkie. (((: tasty cheese on raisin toast. yum yum!

    meeting up jia shen and cherly at 1.15 pm at melbourne central. soo i left the house at 12.20 pm and headed out to the city.

    met up with them then went loong place to put some stuff then headed to rmit swanston street's library to study.

    which i did study. A BIT.

    i had to put this up. he looks so cutee here! :D

    after our study session, we walked over to bourke street for pancakes at pancake parlour. we had some vouchers so go eat only la. ((:

    strawberry jam and cream pancake. 2 for $15. shared among the four of us.

    sat there and talk abit then left for home already. had dinner at home which aunty doris cooked mutton curry. damn nice lo! but spicy la.


    then sat down watching masterchef australia and half of the mentalist? then i fell asleep on the couch till like 10.30pm. came up to my room and continue sleeping till now.

    i don't know why i am awake also.

    prolly now i can watch my newly download vampire diaries and private practice.

    it only took me 10 minutes to download them.

    i've never had such a fast connection like tonight. or prolly it happened before. considering i always leave my laptop on for download over the night. hmmm...?

    okla. i go watch show.

    tomorrow have to meet up with cherly. i think i am meeting up with her? i think?


    with love,

    music addiction : Justin Bieber - One Time (it is like stucked in my head cause of the australian ads on tv saying how much of a big deal he was in sydney. not that i actually like him.)

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