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  1. long post ahead.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    okay... so here is what happened the last two days and then today.


    i had class from 9.30am till 11.30am. more like a lab class from doing soldering to get my electronic dice to work.

    kinda cool doing the soldering myself.

    then went over to melbourne central to meet up with cherly cause we are suppose to go over to celine's to bake cake.

    reached there then went safeway to buy some stuffs then went back and started baking!

    we only baked the chocolate cake. and after it came out from the oven, we did this...

    ate the bottom part! HAHA! smiley shape!

    our outcome. chocolate ganache and raspberry cake!

    the other cake that celine made the night before, oreo cheesecake. :D

    then we girls got ready and caught the bus out back to the city carry the cakes and all. met up with the rest at melbourne central and headed off to south yarra for dinner.

    chapellis. :D

    the place was not too bad. our food was not too bad either.

    oven baked chicken breast.

    scotch fillet with mushroom sauce.

    entree size calamari rings.

    three dishes shared with four people. me, audrey, yao yun and sheau tien. came to about $18 per person. hmmm...

    me and jia shen! HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!!

    jia shen and cherly.

    yao yun and jia shen.

    audrey and jia shen.

    jia shen and loong.

    sheau tien and jia shen.

    the girls.

    yao yun, me and celine!

    cherly and me.

    me and audrey.

    yao yun, sheau tien and celine.

    10 of us. me, jia shen, cherly, yao yun, audrey, celine, loong, sheau tien, jia wei and iris.

    iris stays nearby so jia wei drove me, cherly, jia shen and sheau tien back while the rest headed back out to the city.

    i was staying over at cherly's thats why went home with them. initially i wasn't planning to so i didn't pack anything at all. so yeaaa that tells why i was in cherly's clothes.

    went back to jia shen's and lepak-ed a while then sent sheau tien back then went to safeway to get toothbrush. i needed them.

    then to stokers at heidelberg for pancakes together with iris.

    not to my liking. i don't like crepes. and it is taste too much crepe-ish than pancake-ish.

    sorry for the dark pictures. the place is sorta very dim itself.

    but the ambience of the place is sorta nice.

    and i loveee the clock! i want a watch like that. btw, its 1.31 am.

    then headed back to cherly's to sleep. i was sooooo tired that night. like so so tired!


    went over to jia shen's in the morning by bus and train with cherly. then went over to his new place. nicee place tough. now this is homely. :D

    went lunch at springvale. had taiwanese food. Sunny cafe i think was the name? hmmm...?

    i loveee this. beef roll with plum sauce! damn niceee! i wanna eat again!

    entree like sizes. $8 per person.

    jia wei wanted to go ikea but before that had to go back to their place to get our stuffs first then headed to ikea.

    walked around at ikea then left back out to the city. jia shen and cherly was going over to sofia and had to meet up the rest at 6 pm and we still had some time to spare before that so went to pancake parlour for cappucino.

    then they had their meeting up and i came home. :D

    had pasta for dinner then sat down and watched tv. watched ant bully then watched cellular.

    i loveee animation shows! so what if it is kiddy la. and so cuteeee! 8/10.


    as usual la. chris evan is so hot! like so so hot! ((((: and first time seeing jason statham being the bad one. anyways all i have watched of him is transporter. :D


    woke up like 12 something cause i was feeling sick last night. so i slept in till i can't sleep anymore.

    had raisin toast and a slice of cheese on it which is my current favourite brekkie!

    then aunty doris said she's going to highpoint, asking me whether i wanna go or not. of course i want la! HAHA!

    just went see see ni. (:

    but see see also bought stuff. $9 worth of necklaces. ((((((:

    $3 each. so cheap! nicee too!

    after highpoint we headed over to laksa king for dinner.

    combination curry laksa! $9.20.

    yum yum! i was like craving for it before this already and when aunty doris suggested, i was like oh yes yes! HAHAHA!

    came home and lazed around then watched bones. did i mention i loveeeee bones?! love it. and love them both. :D

    then watched castle then abit of Not a Teen Movie. which it was pretty dirty and gross but i am downloading it now just cause i don't wanna watch it with my aunty and it was too late for me to sit downstairs and watch it.

    there's chris evans and chyler leigh from grey's anatomys' lexi grey. (: so i guess i'll just download and watch lo. but it is so so STUPID!

    i guess the post is getting too long. i shall stop here then.

    niteey night people!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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