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    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    hey ya'll!

    there isn't much to update today. hmmm... all i did was going to uni. and then stopped by moonee ponds before i got home and then i was home.

    as usual, home means series and food and tv. first watched two episodes of mercy then dinner then one episode of mercy and then downstairs for amazing race on tv. :D

    my life isn't very fun on the weekdays. very typical.

    i am suppose to do my preliminary work for my electronics system's lab tomorrow but i haven't touch yet. which will prolly take me like 15 minutes tops.

    and arrange my apps on my iphone cause i just downloaded a whole bunch and now it is like everywhere.

    hmmm what else?

    tomorrow will be the last day of uni for the week! the strip of picture on the right is taken during my maths lecture. (:

    and and cherly is going back together with me on the 20th of june. same flight yo! first time travelling on a plane with a friend and happens to be my best friend! what more can i ask for? ((((:

    and last thing, 3 more days to arrival of my dearest mummy!!! oh so can't wait! hehe! :DDDD

    okla. i better get to work and go to bed cause i have to wake up at 7.25 am supposingly. but for the last few days i have been waking up at 7.40 am.

    but i still wasn't late for the 8.01 am bus la. so i guess still not so bad eh? (:


    lots of love,

    music addiction : Regina Spektor - Eet

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