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  1. i want to be a kid again.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    lift me up is still on repeat until now. (: i just love it. it puts me in this state that i haven't been in a long time. which is a good thing, fyi.

    i just finished watching all the episodes up to date of private practice.

    i still have a bit of assignment on the way and a test tomorrow which i don't know how i'll fair. aiyaaaa... fan fan! :D HAHA!

    but i guess it should be fine kua....

    anyways, the weather is getting better tonight. but not for the next few days.... ))): i want the cold weather! please please!!

    i hate the hot weather!

    and i am joining dance with cherly. who would have thought i would go for it. maybe i have to much influence of sytycd already. (((:

    but i am excited. so yea. but i think i will suck at it. :D


    oh and i wanna go to universal studios in singapore! i really want to go. i had so much fun in japan and i wanna go again!!!

    please take me there..... ((:

    i may not be a kid anymore, but theme parks are my weakness.

    i am just writing all the random thoughts i have in mind right now. so it is pretty much here and there. heheee!

    i just called myself pathetic and desperate. wow. i would never had admitted to that at that time. but now that i thought back, i really was huh.

    i am so over it.

    thank god i don't have any of that to caught up with anymore. or maybe just not yet.

    enough of all of this random stuff.

    bye now!


    music addiction : Lift Me Up - Kate Voegele

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