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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    i was in this today.

    it is cherly's. (: but it was a bad idea. the weather was so not appropriate to wear this. it wasn't cold but the wind was strong. and the skirt was like flying all over!

    hmmm... i shall elaborate more on what we did on jia shen's birthday and how i got into cherly's clothes tomorrow.

    and what i did today also i will update tomorrow.

    i think i caught a cold from the drizzling rain today. now my head is so heavy and my nose are like going to pop out anytime soon but i still wanna update.

    i know i am weird.

    i will be back tomorrow with something proper!

    heading to my comfy double blue sheet bed! niteeeeee!

    sleep here i come!


    music addiction : Goodnight goodnight - Maroon 5

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