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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    hello hello!

    nothing much today though. apart from a very cold morning which i loved eventhough my hands and feet were like freezing while waiting for the bus in the morning.

    and a cold night cause i opened my window as wide as possible and curled like a prawn inside my blanket but it was so nice to sleep in. :D if i am not wrong, it was like 8 degrees over the night.

    went to uni as usual today. had some nice people teaching me maths on my boolean algebra assignment which i have no clue on how to go further. i did all my questions like halfway then i couldn't do already.

    this guy sitting next to me but like two seats away looked lost too. wanted to offer some help but i wasn't very good at it myself too. so didn't dare to say anything.

    only on my wednesday maths lecture, i see julian. julian from my last semester? my one and only friend on campus?

    he is fun to talk to and i see him only once a week. (:

    came home close to 6.30 pm. cleared my room a little bit. then went down for dinner.

    my dinner. (:

    i am that person that loveeeeees instant noodles! seriously i loveeeee them! i had the seaweed tofu inside! that is yummy!! and those white ones i have in it, its the chikuwa? in malaysia, i have it everytime in my noodles. considering the lady that stocks up all this and sell just lives few doors away.

    i miss it so much. i haven't had it for like ages until i went to the asian market the other day with aunty doris and bought it.

    but but not as nice as the malaysia ones. ):

    was eating while watching masterchef australia then watched 27 dresses and now i am upstairs prepping for my series with my smiths salt and vinegar chips. :D

    sooo.. i guess that's pretty much it. i am off to my 90210!


    4 more days to arrival!


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