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  1. today was just so so. not too bad la.

    went to visit the telecommunications museum. part of our tutorial today.

    major huge touch screen telephone!

    it was somewhat interesting but somewhat not. depends how you see it.

    got home at about 4 something then slept till 6 something. went down had dinner and watched masterchef australia. ohhh it makes me so hungry! and was eating roasted chestnut. (:

    then i watched Penelope.

    it was like a 6/10.

    slightly above average la. but i like christina ricci. wayyy back since Casper! HAHA! omg casper!! my all time favourite man.

    and james mcavoy is kinda cute in the show. i somehow like guys with a slightly long hair too. (((:

    and and i wanna watch Beastly!

    Alex Pettyfer!! as usual la. guys. :D but it seems nice. well more like something i'll like to watch la. and quite some casts. vanessa hudgens, mary kate olsen and neil patrick harris too!

    okay la. i am going to finish up abit of simulation for electronics system then i am going to bed.

    oh and i am typing the end of this post when it is after 12 am. sooo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIA SHEN!

    i shall see you tomorrow. :D love you la my dear!

    much love,

    music addiction : Kate Voegele - Forever and Almost Always

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