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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    uni today. ((((: sushi for lunch!


    i am feeling extra delighted now cause i just came out from a nice long shower. ((((: before this i was watching what a girl wants for like the tenth time i think?

    and before movie i was salivating over the lasagne on masterchef. i wanna eat!!! looks so so yummy! and looks simple to make but i am sure when i am behind the stove, it will be hard. HAHA!

    and before that, i was eating hokkien mee that aunty doris bought from laksa king. not too bad. but i wayy prefer the one at KL! go back must go eat! :D

    oh and just made plans with cherly and celine that when we get back to malaysia, we shall go shopping in KL!!! :DDDD so can't wait! celine drive, i direct the way, cherly follow. YAY!

    but oh no. exams have to come first then only home. )): nooo..

    tomorrow i will be out with cherly and yao yun. apparently for some shopping for yao yun. we shall see at the end of the day who buys more. (:

    oooo yeaaaa... 2 more days!!!

    okla i shall go watch my newly downloaded vampire diaries and private practice. then go to bed cause i have to wake up early for laundry. ):

    nitey nite!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Mama's Song - Carrie Underwood

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