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  1. i love the under 10 degrees!

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    suppose to meet cherly for dance today but last minute cancelled.

    and i was suppose to wake up early and go to uni to pass up one of my assignments but i woke up late. i woke up at 12pm.

    ate breakfast or brunch and left the house.

    the temperature was perfect! while i was waiting for my bus it was 14 degrees. oh so nice!!! but i don't like the rain though. spoils everything.

    got to uni at 2 pm and left by 2.30 pm.

    went over to melbourne central for a little while then left for home.

    mum called earlier to tell me she bought me my ipanema. (((((: yay! i loveee the giselle bundchen ipanema sandals lo. i have 3 pairs already not including this.

    i loveeeeee! ((((:

    i can't wait till my mum gets here! and my aunty and my cousin! sooooo looking forward!!!

    okla. i shall go watch my new episode of gossip girl and one tree hill. ciao!

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